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Introducing: NC hardcore powerpack FEVER STRIKE!

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Reminiscent of groundbreaking artists and records from early 90s and 00s, North Carolina’s FEVER STRIKE blend well tested hooks and styles with some new ideas that extend their highly energetic, punchy, varied and multi-facetted hardcore formula. Comprised of ex members of CALL IT QUITS and other East Coast punk and hardcore bands you might of heard of, the band goes out with a bang and we truly believe their first proper record will cement their vigorous presence in the modern wave of hardcore. Today, we’re giving you an all-around tour through their debut demo with high hopes you will not be disappointed.

Asked about the process behind their creative writing and plans for the future, the band explained:

It starts with Justin (guitarist) basically tracking guitar at his place. He typically has a full song with riffs ready all the time. He’s a demon impersonating a beautiful human because no one should be writing as much as he does. With that program (rough guitar recording), he’s able to configure an idea of drum parts. I’m usually hanging around and batting his ear off about early 2000s hardcore so I’ll add a few ideas here and there. We do most of the song ideas there. Then we toss the clean tracks to Alex (other bitchn’ guitarist) and he makes it sound way better than it should. Seriously, he is way too talented to not be recording or mixing other bands. There, at his spot, we fix things and make them complete with Alex adding his guitar parts (solos). Then, we pass the songs to Teddy (vocals) via Soundcloud and he freaks out and sends us a ton of texts about how the newest song is always his favorite. He writes incredibly personal songs that we all relate to and have him track it.

FINALLY, Alex mixes and masters the final stuff and we put it out. As far as practice goes, we all end up at Alex’s house. Only because he has a gorgeous dog that we all pet wayyyyy too much.

Future (2019 and beyond) of Fever Strike is some fun secret stuff. We all have been in hardcore bands for around 15+ years so we will have some amazing friends on our future recordings. We will be playing shows and hopefully (working on this) booking a few good tours. Holler, if anyone wants to book us!

Pretty simple stuff. We keep a relaxed environment around us and have a good time.

Catch FEVER STRIKE live on December 16th in Greensboro, North Carolina, alongside LOWPOINTS, MARBLE MOUTH and BURNING X HAMMER. RSPV HERE. Featured band photo by Kevin Putnam of Cliq Media.

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-Worm weather –

Was written about being strong and determined to live your dreams and goals. Too often we hear things like “you’re to old” or “you’ll never make it” worm weather encourages being dedicated, having a desire and defeating all obstacles in your way.


This song is about living life with no regrets for things youve done or may not have done. Don’t apologize for everything. Accept what is, whats been done and embrace what is to come. Better days are always ahead. Don’t look back


Purity being one of the favorites speaks on honesty and loyalty. There seems to be no way to move forward in life if you lie about things. But on the other hand if you are too up front and too literal about things, you’re still not looked at as a “real” person. “fake it til you make it” a saying that many live by. But faking to a real and honest person can get you “hit”, or set back in many ways. Other words, it could stop you dead in your tracks.

-Blood Loss-

Bullying and suicide is a huge problem in the world today. Speaking badly to someone can hurt just as much as physically asaulting them. There are good people in the world still and its up to us to help a person maintain a positive attitude no matter what we or they are going through. We can all learn from one another good or bad. But one small conversation, face to face, eye to eye can change a person’s thoughts. A person’s eyes can tell all.


This song is more or less about being free to do whatever you want. Like worm weather, too many of us are discouraged by things we shouldn’t let discourage us. You work hard at it, you can achieve it. You have to want it. Not to be confused with stealing, but you have to take it. Take all and every opportunity that comes your way.”

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