Introducing: Nepalese powerviolence band ZOMBIE X INCEST!

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ZOMBIE X INCEST (est. 2013), the pioneers of powerviolence hardcore in Nepal, have teamed up with IDIOTEQ to introduce the band and drop us a couple of lines on their local independent scene in the Himalayas. “The First Violent Step” is their first full length, a furious and raw follow up to their 2014 demo and a split with Indian grind powerviolence band SNUFFX, Pakistan noisy grinders NIHILIST HOLIDAY and Malaysia’s SHITNOISE BASTARDS, and even if they don’t necessarily reinvent the wheel, they certainly know how to deliver shredded-throat shrieks and a raging haze of riffs akin to CHARLES BRONSON, HAYMAKER and ACxDC. Play this brief edgy beast and read my interview with ZOMBIE X INCEST below

Hi there buddies! Honestly, there were not too many Nepalese bands featured here on IDIOTEQ. That makes it even more interesting to get to know you and find out more about you and your local scene. What’s up? How are you guys?

Hey! We’re great, and thanks to you for featuring us and giving us an opportunity to present ourselves, our music and our local scene, through IDIOTEQ.

Are you actually the very first powerviolence act formed in Nepal? How does it feel to be a pioneer?

Its true. We certainly are the very first band to play powerviolence in Nepal. Honestly, it was more of a challenge. When we started playing, except a few of our friends, the local audience were totally clueless about the type of music we played. But slowly more people started gaining interest towards it, and now a lot more people are familiar with this genre. There are more bands playing pv, and It certainly does feel great.

What is the scope and range of hardcore punk in Nepal? Is there a demand for more bands? How vital is your local scene?

The hardcore punk scene in Nepal is pretty small. We don’t have lots of bands playing hardcore punk, nor lots of hardcore shows. Most of the time, the shows have the same bands playing every time, sometimes the same guys with a different band name. The audience is composed of almost all the known faces. Regarding the demand for more bands, actually the demand is for proper bands. We lack proper bands, bands who actually put effort into music, bands who aren’t junkies yelling bullshit on the stage and can’t even play a proper riff. The main reason why the scene is not growing, is the fact that we do lack proper bands, and proper bands we do have do not put much effort. We know bands who have spent so many years playing hardcore punk but haven’t even recorded a single demo. The bands here are very less interested to present themselves to a wider audience. They’d rather play in a basement, than be the next GREEN DAY! hah!

ZOMBIE x INCEST logotype

How did you discover your passion for extreme music? Tell us a bit about your inspirations and how would you comment on access to art in Nepal?

When we started, we had no clue we were going to play ‘powerviolence’. We were more like a punk band, played GG Allin covers, and covered our favorite local bands. Then, bands like MAGRUDERGRIND, CHARLES BRONSON, ACxDC, SPAZZ really grabbed our attention and we wanted to try that. It was the desire to try something new, something heavy and extreme. It was something new for us, something we had never played, and something the other bands hadn’t played either.

Did you witness the fall of your national monarchy back in 2008? Did this huge change have an impact on young people and artists in Nepal?

Yes, we certainly did. Our country witnessed a lot of political instability after the fall of monarchy and it did affect us, directly or indirectly.

What role did you find punk attitude have in your lives?

Punk has played a very important role in our lives. It has changed the way we look at things, the way we understand things around us, our attitude towards other people, the society, and everything. Punk is more like a way of life, it’s a belief, it’s a principle. I don’t really know how to explain this, but the ones who live with this attitude certainly do understand what I’m saying.


Ok guys, one last thing. I’m a bit concerned about your statement posted through social media, sayin’ “We hate you all, and we’re not the type of people to hang out with!”. What’s up with such negative attitude? Is this for real or just an artistic pose?

It was meant to be sarcastic or humorous. It’s nothing serious, and we certainly don’t hate our listeners. Most of the people who attend our shows, and listen to our music are the people we personally know and hang out with. They get it. But now that you mentioned it, we will think more often before posting anything on our facebook page that would reflect our negative attitude.

Haha, naah, cool. No worries. Ok guys, are there any upcoming shows, recordings or future projects that you are planning to participate in next year?

There are a few local shows we will be playing next year. We will be recording new materials soon since we are participating in a few compilations and splits alongside other bands. We will also be recording our second EP, ‘The Second Violent Step’ if everything goes as planned.

Cool. Thanks a lot for your time. Feel free to shoot us your final thoughts and cheers from Warsaw, Poland!

Thank you Karol for taking your time to interview us.

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