Introducing: new Dutch vigorous, melodic hardcore pack STATE POWER

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STATE POWER by @int3rnet
STATE POWER by @int3rnet

Meet State Power, Holland’s latest hardcore export, who are shaking the European scene with their debut single “Gates of Hell,” released under White Russian Records. This thrashy, high energy hardcore track is a ferocious critique of self-absorbed rich philanthropists, designed to resonate with fans of melodic hardcore and ignite mosh pits in living rooms across the globe.

But be warned, this track demands space for some serious movement—secure your surroundings before you press play.

State Power is not just any new band. It’s a powerhouse ensemble featuring members from acclaimed acts like Two and a Half Girl, Bony Macaroni, and Half Cab. Their collective energy and experience have fused to create a sound that’s as aggressive as it is captivating. “Gates of Hell” not only marks their explosive entry into the scene but also sets a high bar for their upcoming debut EP.

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As you dive into the raw energy and emotional ferocity of “Gates of Hell,” don’t miss our exclusive interview with the band. They delve into the creative process, their critique of the wealthy, and how their diverse musical backgrounds influence their sound.

How do you convert the raw energy and emotions you feel into the music you create, especially for tracks like ‘Gates of Hell’? How do you find the balance between the emotional intensity and the technical aspects of composing your songs?

Stefan: While I do have some experience with these type of vocals, with this project I feel like I am really taking on a challenge. I am still trying to find a way of channeling all that rage in a healthy manner haha!

Your critique of self-absorbed rich philanthropists is quite striking in ‘Gates of Hell’. Can you elaborate on how personal experiences or observations have influenced these themes in your music?

Stefan: It’s a tough thing to convince people of, because when taken at face value ‘charity’ is a good thing. I get that, but when I try to think about the sheer amount of wealth people like Bill Gates or Elon Musk have hoarded, my brain fucking short circuits! Their wealth is acquired through a level of exploitation and suffering that I can’t even wrap my head around! The idea that these people deserve even a tiny bit of praise for ‘giving back’ is revolting to me.

With backgrounds in TWO AND A HALF GIRL, BONY MACARONI, and HALF CAB, how do each of these influences come together in STATE POWER? How do you navigate the creative process with such diverse musical perspectives?

Stefan: I think this one was easy, as we’re all huge fans of each other’s work! I think we all went into it wanting to do something different than we were already doing in other projects.

Daan: In Two and a Half Girl, I enjoyed the heavier tracks the most live, so it made sense to start a heavy project. Stefan wanted to do a heavier band as well, so it all made sense. Me and Mert always joked how it was really weird that we weren’t in a band together even though we have such a similar music taste. So when the opportunity came, I really wanted Mert behind the kit.

Mert: To be fair this is not something new for me. Been playing hardcore punk all around Europe since I was a teenager (shoutout Getsome! And Brothers in Blood). This combined with pretty much the greatest musicians this scene has to offer makes it easy indeed.

You’ve mentioned a connection to the local hardcore punk scene. Can you share some insights about other bands in the scene that inspire you or that you think deserve more recognition?

Daan: I feel very connected to the local music scene, but not specifically the hardcore punk scene. I could name you my favorites, such as John Coffey and Tusky, but I don’t consider them ‘under the radar’.

Stefan: I am very excited for incoming Curselifter and All Dogs go to Heaven releases!!


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Beyond STATE POWER, many of you are involved in other projects. Could you talk about these other endeavors and how they contrast with or complement your work in STATE POWER?

Stefan: In Bony Macaroni I write most of the songs by myself on guitar, and they’re mostly pop songs. In State Power I just do vocal stuff, which is nice because I get to be inspired by the musical arrangements the other guys write without feeling a pressure to push myself creatively in that domain.

Daan: Since Pim (our other guitar player) and I are also in Two and a Half Girl together, we know how what we like and what we don’t like in songs. When I have a certain riff I just know whether he will love it or not. So collaborative writing is very easy in this band. The first tracks are all written by me and Stefan. But I can’t wait to use everyone’s experience and expertise. It also helps that everyone already has experience with recording and touring with bands. I feel like everyone knows what they are good at, and what not.

Mert: In HALF CAB Thimo and I write most songs. As a drummer I really like to be a part of the creative process, especially since hardcore is my domain: I know a thing or two about song structures and cool gimmicks we could use. Daan is the main riff meister in State Power. As I consider myself somewhat of a hardcore connoisseur I feel like I could potentially help shape the songs.

Stefan’s statement about the manifestation of love in its most aggressive form is fascinating. Could you expand on this concept and how it influences not just your music, but your approach to life and activism?

Stefan: I love people. I think there is a soft pink consciousness residing in most of us. I think in the end everybody just wants to feel safe. If you ask me, the only thing we can do to make that happen is to make some radical changes in society. While State Power makes angry music, it is coming from a place of love for our fellow humans and a desire to change things for the better.

Mert: I ain’t much about activism. I think it’s better to follow in the footsteps of an acarya: somebody who leads by example. I’ve been very vocal about my beliefs in the past and I kinda mellowed out and try to be an example, rather than a preacher.

Stefan: Are you calling me a preacher??? Hahaha!

With ‘Gates of Hell’ releasing soon, what can fans expect from STATE POWER in the near future? Are there any themes or musical evolutions you’re particularly excited to explore?

Daan: Well, like most bands we are not planning on releasing just one song for the rest of our career, so it almost feels like stating the bloody obvious by telling you that we will have more music in the near future. Besides that, we are going to focus on live shows. Hardcore Punk is something you’ve got to experience live.

Mert: Shreds, the occasional blast beat, lots of gring-gring and epic guitar solo’s.

Your debut is coming out on White Russian Records. How has working with them influenced the development of STATE POWER, and what does being part of their roster mean to you?

Daan: We asked for their help quite late in the process. Artwork and music was already done. I personally feel happy to work with them, since they are really easy partner to work with, very hands on. Working on an end result when everybody is believing in the project, makes this run really smooth.

Stefan: Roelof and Eelco rule.

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