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Descriptor-free hardcore: Michigan’s PRISON SUICIDE premiere new 4-track demo!

PRISON SUICIDE, a Michigan based act with nods to aggressive, not over complicated early Bridge 9/Deathwish style hardcore, featuring members of A Pregnant Light and Aksumite, have just released a new demo, their first release outside Colloquial Sound Recordings, and we’re super pleased to give you its first proper presentation and the official word from the band below!

We recorded the demo in a few hours at a studio out in the middle of the woods. Musically, it’s just about being descriptor-free hardcore. It’s about being hardcore that doesn’t really adhere to any particular sound or style, but would make as much sense in the late 80s as the late 2010s.

Lyrically, it deals with the decisions a person makes affecting the trajectory of their life, and how making a wrong decision can end up haunting you.

Asked about their plans for the next year, the band stated:

We’re never short on ideas, so we are working on a new LP already, looking to play more shows in 2019 and cause very big mosh pits where people get stupid.


The new PRISON SUICIDE demo is available on cassette via Sore Ear Collective. Grab it at this locationPRISON SUICIDE are: Kire – Drums; Brett Dierolf – Vocal; Tim Lenger – Bass; Damian Master – Guitar / Vocal.

PRISON SUICIDE by Spencer Chamberlain

PRISON SUICIDE by Spencer Chamberlain

PRISON SUICIDE released 2 LPs (2018, 2015) and one demo in 2016 via Coloquial Sound Recordings:


PRISON SUICIDE live by Spencer Chamberlain

PRISON SUICIDE live by Spencer Chamberlain

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