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Introducing: SLOW JAMS, new vital hardcore band from Berlin

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Consisting of members from all over Europe and various punk, hardcore and metal bands like BLAME IT ON THE OCEAN, DAYS OF DISCORD, NORTHERN, GUILLOTINE, and many more, SLOW JAMS is a new Berlin based melody infused power hardcore punk band, who have just released their debut EP dubbed “To The Bone“. The quintet is currently looking to release it physically, so feel free to get in touch via [email protected] if you dig what you hear. We asked the band to explain each and every track from the record, and here’s what we got.

1. The Winter Cold

A reminder that people are worth more than they sometimes think. Every person is individual and has their own value to add to the world but this can get lost in the shuffle and the purpose of your own life can be dulled. We are all as important as one another and even though we can be overwhelmed by the struggles of life, we’re all in it together.

2. Breathe Easy

A song about moving to a new city/country and feeling incredibly out of place. Simply asking to be able to shed the anxiety that comes with feeling lost and confused and finally be able to sleep well and be reminded why you made the move in the first place. Then coming out the other side and seeing that it was all worth it.

3. Misguided

A commentary on the military recruiting soldiers at an age that they haven’t formed their own opinions about the impact of war. Then, once they come back from service, they’re forgotten about whilst dealing with PTSD often resulting in suicide. Yet another indication of leaders using war as a money making scheme without any regard to the people on the front line who feel the worst effects of what they’ve created.

4. For Nothing

Death is inevitable and we can’t just sit around waiting for good things to land in our lap. We all see people on a day to day basis who have nothing yet some people only care about getting more and more. This song is a reminder to gain some perspective and to overcome hurdles that are holding you back from living your life in a more balanced way.

5. Tear Them Down

A song written about the growing refugee crisis and the lack of willingness from our countries and leaders to lend a helping hand. The human race seems to repeat itself in times like this without learning anything from the past. We see other people fleeing literal war zones and instead of welcoming them into our societies we build compounds to trap them and keep them away. We should be trying as much as we can to relate on a human level to anyone seeking shelter but instead, we are building walls, becoming less and less connected and turning our backs on those who need us most.

6. Hypocrisy

I was thinking how simple life was when I was a kid in comparison to now as a grownup. The problems with the world and the lack of justice, amongst other things, weighing down on me. How I gradually learned more about our history and our society that continues to crush the people who don’t comply with its rules. Encouraging people to not turn their backs on one another.

7. Hollows

For the people that constantly change depending on their environment without a solid moral compass. Then, on the other hand, saluting the people who stand up for their ideals regardless of whether it’s in fashion or not.

8. Burden

I have a dear friend who carries the weight of a lot of other peoples problems and they begin to wear him down. He’s so busy focusing on everyone else’s lives and trying to help them that he forgets to live his own or take care of himself. Written from the perspective of these people who have no idea the burden that they are having but pleading to not be left alone otherwise they will crumble.

9. Odds Against Us

A simple anti social media message. The pressure that people constantly live under because of our connection to other people’s fake lives on the internet. A daily comparison of the things that you don’t have and a life that’s unattainable. A call to arms for those who know there’s more out there than these fictitious lives and to never strive for something like that. To show the importance of building yourself back up when you feel as though you haven’t achieved what we, as a society, have deemed ‘successful’.

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