THERE IS NO TOMORROW is a young metalcore/mathcore band from Warsaw, Poland. They formed in 2010 and have one, well-produced demo available for your listening pleasure (check out the player below). They’re readying their debut EP with plans to unveil some details very soon. Read our short interview to find out more.

Hello, gentlemen! There’s barely anything about you guys in the Web! Are you hiding from the world? [smiles]

Well, we try to be as present as we can, but since we are still generally a young band, there are lots of work yet to be done. You can find us on facebookBandCamp and Instagram.

What’s there to be done then? [smiles]

Recording new material, playing lots of shows and reaching the awareness of more and more people with our music.

Ok, let’s go with the standard procedure, shall we? Tell me about the beginnings of this project. How did you guys put THERE IS NO TOMORROW together?

Our guitarist Matt, and former drummer Semir had dreams of putting together a band for a couple of years. One day Dudek joined them at a rehearsal on vocals. It was his first time, and he was horrible at it, but he liked to try some more. They practiced a lot, and a few moths later asked me to play bass with them. We all knew each other from church, school and stuff so I gladly taggled along and that’s where it kicked off.

6 years and only one demo?! Give me a break! [smiles] How’s that even possible?

6 years? Naaah… We played first rehearsal in 2010 nad released our demo in May 2012 so I think it’s not such a bad accomplishment after all. In one interview Matt said that he and Semir played their first rehearsal 6 years ago, and in some way maybe it was a breaking point in creating this band, but from my point of view is was theirs own thing, and I would not count that as the beginning of TINT.

Oh, fair enough [smiles]. Are you proud of that release? It’s been more than 6 months since the premiere. Did you receive a lot of positive feedback?

Oh for sure! We all are proud of what we have accomplished with that material, and received tons of awesome feedback. But looking from the times perspective, now we would do a lot of things in a different matter, but for that you all have to wait for our EP [smiles]

Where and how did you record it? Was it a struggle or a piece of cake?

We recorded most of the tracks in our friends, Mike Kowalik’s home studio in Warsaw. Then we sent them to Daniel Witczak from Aurora Studio. It was neither a struggle nor piece of cake, but we had some minor problem as you usually do making such a thing for the first time, but it all went well.

Do you find that your inspirations change as you get older? How?

Well, that’s quite natural that when you get older you discover new things that have some sort of impact on you. In our case it is a constant thing. Every experience, every new thing we see or hear change our perception and the way we see our music.

Ok, so what are your plans for this next release? Do you have any new songs? Shoot me some details on that.

We have a few new songs that we want to include in our upcoming EP. I can’t reveal any specifics yet, but let’s just say that your patience will pay off when we release it. Check our facebook profile once a few weeks, and you will get some news considering the EP soon.

Explain a bit about your approach to this band. How do you treat THERE IS NO TOMORROW and what does it mean to be a part of it?

First of all, we see playing in this band as a great privilege. We want to reach out to our listeners with our lyrics, and engage and entertain them with our music. It’s a lot of fun, but still It’s not all just about it. We always wanted to give out more than other bands, and we try hard to deliver it in a compelling and satisfying way.

Alright, before we wrap this up, please tell me everything about your future touring plans.

Right now we are concentrating on our new material and rehearsing with our new drummer. But still we want to play a few show here and there (mainly Warsaw and Mazowsze area) [smiles]

Cool. Any last words?

We did not say our last words yet. Keep in touch and come by to hi-five us on one of our shows in the future.

Thanks for the brief update, guys! Take care!You to man, nice talking to you.


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