Introducing… VIOLENT SONS feat. Sean of VERSE [UPDATE]

After having introduced Sean Murphy’s post-VERSE project BAD SWIMMERS, I am now into his newest project called VIOLENT SONS! I thought you should know :) The frontmand of the legendary hardcore band from Providence, Rhode Island is back with more VERSE’ish sound and will definitely please all of you who miss his old band. Featuring members of WHAT FEEDS THE FIRE and RAINDANCE, the new pack is doing single shows in the US, promoting themselves with a 4-song tape featuring 2 songs available for streaming below. A 10-track full length is in works, too. Check out the official word below and stay tuned for more details this Summer!

More info on an official release of sorts for the 10 tracks we just recorded ourselves coming in the near future (we want to get these songs out to everyone as soon as possible).
please share this as much as you can and help us spread the word, thank you all.

UPDATE / July 3rd: The band has just signed with Bridge Nine Records, which was confirmed in the following statement. Read up, listen to another new track and check out the cover art below!

Violent Sons “Nothing As It Seems” available for pre-order now!
We are very happy to announce that we have teamed up with our friends atBridge Nine Records to release our debut full-length “Nothing As It Seems”.
Thank you all for patiently waiting for this semi-secretive project to come to life. We are more than ecstatic about being able to share this music with you.
More info/shows to come. 
please help us spread the word 


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