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IRON REAGAN to release new album later this year

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Tony Foresta and Landphil Hallt of MUNICIPAL WASTE are teaming up with the rest of their buds from crossover / hardcore punk band IRON REAGAN to release a new album later this year! “The Tyranny Of Will” will be available on September 16th via Relapse Records! Get ready!

IRON REAGAN’S Relapse debut ‘The Tyranny Of Will’ is a 24 song wrecking ball of hardcore- punk/thrash fury. Fronted by the venomously lyical Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste), on paper IRON REAGAN is a Richmond, VA supergroup (the band also features Phil Hall of Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse, etc as well as Ryan Parrish of Darkest Hour together with members of Mammoth Grinder). In practice IRON REAGAN are WAY more than just a supergroup project—they have toured the world several times over levelling audiences with their furious live show. This is a fully formed raging band that have delivered one of the heaviest hardcore records of the year that is guaranteed to be on the top of both metalheads’ and punk rockers’ year end lists. 

“The finest crossover band in recent history.” -Decibel 

“[Iron Reagan] nail the punk and hardcore divide with a thrashy attitude…” -Invisible Oranges 

“It thrashes, it rips, it roars.” -MetalSucks

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