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Italian melodic hardcore punk band ABOVE THE TREES premiere new album “Sunlight”

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We’re pleased to be able to cooperate with Italian melodic alt / progressive hardcore band ABOVE THE TREES and the hardworking DIY labels CBCScreamore , ControcantiInsonnia Lunare Records, and Sad Club, and share the band’s newest full length “Sunlight”, an ambitious attempt to experiment within the heavy genre where suddenly everything is layered together, the chords are voiced and the harmonic progressions unfold. They sure didn’t invent a novel concept, but with this much emotion and focus on creating alternative methods for shifting aggressive and complex sound for more ambient, or even poetic path, ABOVE THE TREES seem on the road to something really explorative and engaging. Listen below and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

The band will be premiering their new material live at 2 record release shows tomorrow in Bari and Santa Maria Capua Vetere on Saturday.

Photo by Nancy Downs.

Here’s what they has to say about the record:

“Our new album is named “Sunlight” and it’s an encyclopedia of reactions that, through different moods, define weaknesses, uncertainties, difficulties.

Despite our fury, our sensation of being defenceless in front of our fears, we need to refind our strength, to feel free from the obscurity of our mind.

Every song is about different feelings: anger, resignation and hope. We tried to explain how things, people and situation are constantly changing. There are a lot of heartfelt thoughts, from our personal experiences that made us what we are today. “Sunlight” is not just music. It’s friendship, love, respect and a glimmer of hope in our lives. The sun is going to warm us again. “



ABOVE THE TREES released their debut record ‘Above The Clouds’, a split with NO ORDER, in April 2016:

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