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Italian screamo act VIVIENNE absorb flavors from across the genre’s many shades with new song & video “Ikiryo”

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VIVIENNE recently unveiled the full outcome of their new impressive work inspired by Japanese ghosts, or yurei, through a captivating new EP we shared at this location. Today, we invite you to sense the vibes of their atmospheric delivery even more, this time with a new music video for the track “Ikiryo” above!

Ikiryo are translucent ghosts appearing in human form, they are revengeful and unsettled spirits that detach from their bodies due to a strong trauma. An unconscious manifestation, fed by rage and resentfulness, whose main aim is to curse enemies.”

The EP comes in CD and it’s available on all main digital platforms, thanks to Epidemic Records and its cooperation with the label Scatti Vorticosi.

“Yureis are ghosts in Japanese mythology. They are the souls of the dead, incapable of leaving the Earth and joining their ancestors in the afterlife.

The soul becomes Yurei because of a sudden death or because it’s detained on Earth by strong emotions. It can haunt an object, a place or a person and it can be released only after the emotional conflict that keeps it hooked to our dimension has been resolved.

Each track is about a different kind of Yurei, each of them has a torment of their own, which is the reason why they manifest.

Recorded at “La falegnameria studio” / Mixed and mastered by Stefano Vanoni / Cover art by Leonora Neary / Design by Zannunzio


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