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Italian ultra fast hardcore lizard CHARLIE BROWN streaming fierce debut “Life Has Gone”

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CHARLIE BROWN is the new fast, chaotic and twisted hardcore punk project from members of Italian math/chaotic hardcore band ZEIT (IDIOTEQ features here), Callisto records & collective, death metal band Sein and black metal duo Dødehender (see our recent feature here). The band just released their wild debut “Life Has Gone” and you can hear in its entirety below.

“Life Has Gone” consists of 9 tracks of lopsided and fast punk that unravel on non-stop rhythms on which lopsided guitars weave sick plots with disturbing and almost meaningless melodies. The icing on the cake is the final cover of Elvis Presley’s ‘burnig love’ under acid.

“Life has Gone” is released on 100 copies limited edition vinyl and cd (Callisto Records) on August 28th thanks to a bunch of DIY labels from all over the world: Makima Records (RU), Final Letter (JP), Dingleberry Records (D), Fucking Clinica (IT), Callisto Records (IT).

Artwoks by the Italian weird artist Alberto Panegos, and by Cesco from Charlie Brown himself.


1. He ended his own life by hanging himself
2. He ended his own life by a self-inflicted gunshot to the end
3. She ended her own life when she jumped from the 5th floor of an apartment building
4. He ended his own life by gunshot
5. She ended her own life
6. She ended her own life by shooting herself on a live television broadcast
7. He ended his own life by jumping from a window of the San Giovanni Hospital
8. She ended her own life by hanging herself
9. He ended his own life and the method has not been reported – (Elvis Presley, Burning

Charlie Brown

CHARLIE BROWN is Francesco Begotti (drummer of Zeit, post chaotic hardcore band from Venice, Sein – Swedish death metal, Dødehender – Black Metal, Anbruch, As The Sun), Nicolò Gerotto (Guitar and Bass – Maat Mons, Dødehender, Sein) and Sebastiano Busato (Voice – Zeit, Sein, Dødehender, Anbruch, 400 strokes).

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