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DAMPER and SLOTH & TURTLE join forces for a thrilling journey through instrumental math rock, post rock and metal

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As both tracks from this split are in the same key and tempo and they flow seamlessly together, we sat down with both bands to give you a supplemental insight into this  exciting release – their first hand track by track rundown below!

Mixed and mastered by Sloth & Turtle’s own Jaime Wosk, the new release comes out just a couple of months after the recent DAMPER / SLOW DISCO split on Old Press Records.

Damper is a San Francisco-based band that fuses several genres (emo, indie, math rock and post rock) into a sound that changes from one release to another but remains consistent.

This split marks the band’s first purely instrumental release and leans into the power of the trio dynamic.

This is the Forest Primeval” is the title of the first song, taken from the first line of a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. It is a wild, exciting track, dripping with the sense of urgency that the band felt in writing it.

Damper is on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well as Bandcamp, and streaming services.


Sloth & Turtle is a four-piece instrumental math/post rock group from Guerneville, just north of the San Francisco Bay Area.

They based their name on what founding members, guitar player Nico Molinari and drummer Linden Reed, considered their spirit animals but their sound couldn’t be further from slow or boring; intricate, melodic and dynamic are words that should come to mind for any attentive listener.

Their contribution to the split, “Exploding Castle”, is a song that the band had been holding onto practically since their inception. It was originally recorded with recording engineer Nick Botelho back when the band was a three-piece and writing in drop C to achieve a more metal-infused sound. Recently, they decided to rehash it by adding second guitar parts and getting more creative with it as they thought it was going to be abandoned prior to being invited to do the split.

Sloth & Turtle can be followed on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as Bandcamp.

Damper / Sloth & Turtle is set to release September 3rd on all streaming platforms as well as lathe cuts (7″ plexiglass square) which will be made available via Old Press Records.

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