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Jacob Bannon (CONVERGE) interviewed by PunkNews

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PunkNews recently conducted and interview with CONVERGE frontman Jake Bannon. Check it out below.

Though this interview is from a few months back, the show still resounds. It’s hard to give Converge an intro because they are considered to be some of the most influential artists of all time in their style of music. At the time, Converge was on tour with Whips//Chains, Kvelertak and Torche and I’ve literally never seen a louder, crazier show. Converge’s lead man, Jacob Bannon, is one hell of a busy man. Catching up with him on a rainy, cold night at The End in Nashville, Tenn., we went from interviewing in the venue itself until Whips//Chains started sound check to finishing the series of questions in their gear trailer. From being a co-owner at Deathwish, Inc., a visual artist and musician, Bannon had a lot of detailed, yet simplistic, positive responses to share with us about their latest record, All We Love We Leave Behind, how Converge functions and everything in between as the interviewed unfolded.

Go here to read the interview.


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