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OLDE YORK interviewed by Hard Boiled Zine

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OLDE YORK, who are hitting European roads the day after tomorrow, recently sat down with Hard Boiled Zine to talk about their new album and several different things.

I don’t really think that being in a hardcore band requires that, I mean look at all the great bands like Sheer Terror who I think most would agree, convey a pretty negative message, but its relevant you know? Things are all rosy and nice. There is a lot be pissed off about these days. But I also don’t think that we are that kind of band either. We may talk about some negative stuff, but I think the positivity comes from that even within that there is hope. And that is what I try to get through in the songs. That yeah things may be messed up or confusing, but you have to at least hold out hope that things will get better, otherwise what’s the point?

Read the full chat at this location.

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