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Jeremy Bolm of TOUCHE AMORE announce debut LP of his other band, HESITATION WOUNDS!

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HESITATION WOUNDS (Jeremy Bolm of TOUCHE AMORE, Neeraj Kane of THE HOPE CONSPIRACY, Stephen “Scuba” LaCour of TRAP THEM, and Jay Weinberg (AGAINST ME! / SLIPKNOT) have announced that their new albyum Awake For Everything will be out on May 27 via 6131 Records! The band has unveiled the first new track called “Teeth” and it’s a killer! Listen below, share and come back for a full experience of their 2013 debut EP, available for your listening pleasure below.

All of the members of Hesitation Wounds have already made quite a mark on aggressive music, and Awake For Everything provides all of the pummeling catharsis you could want from a collaboration between these incredibly talented musicians. To celebrate the album’s announcement, Rolling Stone has premiered the brand new track “Teeth” which serves as a perfect summation of the band’s collision of hardcore expertise.

Hesitation Wounds is the musical collaboration of Jeremy Bolm, Jay Weinberg, Neeraj Kane, and Stephen “Scuba” LaCour. Each brings a unique perspective to the group, with impressive resumes as members of other bands, yet Hesitation Wounds truly feels like the product of four distinct voices coming together to make something wholly and uniquely their own. The band may have a very modest and organic origin – just four friends making the music they love with no preconceptions – but Awake For Everything is far from a slapdash vanity project. The record was made with the same passion and care that is the hallmark of this talented quartet and that fire shows in the music they’ve created together. It’s an album of abrasive and moody hardcore that takes unexpected twists and turns, while always remaining satisfyingly aggressive.

Hesitation Wounds is the combined sound of different backgrounds and 5 hours of song writing. In May of 2012, the idea was to combine friends (some of whom had never met) from different bands and see what could happen in one afternoon. Jeremy Bolm, vocalist of Hesitation Wounds (and Touché Amoré), commented, “I told Neeraj Kane (The Hope Conspiracy, Suicide File, Holy Fever), Jay Weinberg (ex-Against Me!), and Stephen ‘Scuba’ LaCour (Ex-Trap Them, True Cross), ‘Let’s write as many songs as we can on Sunday and record them on Monday.’ Jay was in town and Scuba agreed to come out from Arizona for the weekend. What we came up with was three songs and an intro. We recorded them Monday afternoon with long time friend and always-available-for-my-stupid-shit, Alex Estrada. Lyrically, the songs are about witnessing the murder of a friend, the life and death of the inspirational underdog folk singer Phil Ochs, and the overall reality of life. Sonically, it’s an abrasive / no strings attached outpouring of fast and heavy hardcore not far off from the bands we’re already responsible for. We’re proud of the outcome and we hope you enjoy.”

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