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JEROMES DREAM issue more details on new record, switch Kurt Ballou to Jack Shirley

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7 months after announcing their comeback record and a couple of teasers HERE and HERE earlier this past Summer, Connecticut screamo act JEROMES DREAM have announced some more details on their new recording. The band just unveiled they will be recording in March and “due to logistical and scheduling issues”, they are no longer recording with Kurt Ballou. Instead, they have teamed up with Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden in Oakland, CA! Here’s the full message from the band:


We know — it’s been a while since you last heard from us.

Since our rehearsals in July, life things came up for all three of us simultaneously; people got sick, jobs were lost, and relationships eroded. That’s the vague, broad stroke of it all. But while we’ve been facing these challenges, we’ve always resorted to what’s happening with JD as the one constant. So here we were, again.

Here’s the latest:

We are set to record in March 2019. Due to logistical and scheduling issues, we are no longer recording with Kurt (Ballou). Instead (and we’re so excited to announce) that we will be working with Jack Shirley at his studio, The Atomic Garden in Oakland, CA. Jack has worked with incredible bands, most notably Deafheaven, Loma Prieta, Gouge Away, Oathbreaker, Whirr, Joyce Manor, and countless others. We spoke last week, hit it off, and locked in the dates.

So now we have our north star for the LP.

Order status of the 10″, etc.

Some of you haven’t received your order yet, and for that, we sincerely apologize. We’re working on it and will sort it out ASAP. For all delayed orders, We’ll be including a JD tote bag as a token of appreciation for your patience. This process was very sobering, as we’ve never done mail orders at this scale. We will be much better prepared and ready to ship the LPs, etc.

JD TOUR 2019

We’d like to mention here first that while there are no details just yet — we are expecting to play shows in 2019. We probably won’t mention this again for a good while.

That’s all for now. We cannot thank you enough for being the most patient most supportive group of people any band can ask for. We’re in together.

Thanks for everything,
Jeff, Nick, and Erik

P.S. Don’t forget to vote on November 6th.

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