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Jordan Cooper from REVELATION RECORDS interviewed by Double Cross

Double Cross webzine conducted an interview with Jordan Cooper, a man standing behind Revelation Records.

Who were some of the other people early on that helped with the day to day tasks of running Revelation while you were still in Connecticut?

Most of the people who helped were friends who you probably wouldn’t know unless you were from New Haven, CT: Beth, Susan, Brian, F Scott (from Slipknot) and probably a few other people that I’m forgetting. The first people I remember who got paid to work there were Rich Salvo from Contraband and Onion, John Munera from Seizure and Craig Colorusso from China Pig (among other things). I’m also probably forgetting a person or two from that list. Kane Boychuck worked at Macola Records, the first pressing plant we used, and he helped us figure out how things worked, as did the various other plants, printers, film places and other nuts and bolts vendors we used (Jimmy, Rocco, Russ, Mike, Kyle are a few of the people who I remember helping a lot). Alex Brown helped with artwork and was part of a group of friends that Ray and I relied on for help, opinions and support. Chris Daily probably printed some stuff for us.

Here’s the first part of the interview.
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