Junko Daydream by @scum.collective
Junko Daydream by @scum.collective
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JUNKO DAYDREAM’s “Everybody Wants” delves into the conflict of modern human spirit

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Emerging from the depths of a societal critique comes the latest single, “Everybody Wants”, by the Canadian band Junko Daydream. Known for their unapologetically raw and energetic live performances, Junko Daydream delivers a poignant message wrapped in a potent mix of post-hardcore intensity and lyrical depth.

With the new release, Junko Daydream beckons listeners into a profound examination of the modern human condition.

“’Everybody Wants‘ is a critique of the modern human spirit – an animal that has convinced itself it is separate from nature itself,” the band shared in a statement that reflects the song’s essence. At its core, the track confronts the duality of human progress and primal instinct, encapsulating centuries of industrial evolution that have led humanity to a crossroads of existential significance.

According to the band, our daily lives are a testament to a collective struggle against our primitive urges as we navigate a corporate-driven society, which tempts us onto “hedonistic treadmills.” Junko Daydream illustrates a global tableau where the abundance of “an already indescribably supply of their imaginary resource” does little to quench the thirst of human desire.

The single explores the ironic veneer of civility that humans wear to distance themselves from their intrinsic nature.

“Despite an obvious need for consumption, breeding, and violence reflected in our so-called advanced civilization, we willfully camouflage our embarrassment in some sort of subconscious humiliation,” the band elucidates. The song’s lyrics, “They are not alone, I am there with them, it feels like it’s etched in,” serve as a reminder of our shared journey into what Junko Daydream calls “a self-made nightmare.”

Everybody Wants” is more than a musical composition; it’s a mirror held up to society, urging a collective introspection. As the band poetically puts it, “We are together in our spiral to the bottom, gleefully holding hands with our loved ones and children as we consume ourselves into stasis as a species.” It is a stark commentary on the relentless pursuit of material fulfillment and the inevitable approach toward a cultural and environmental void.

Junko Daydream poses a crucial question to their audience, challenging the stigma around natural behavior: “What’s so wrong with following instinct?”

It’s a call to action, or perhaps a call to thought, that resonates through the dynamic riffs and fierce vocals that characterize the song.

The band is currently channeling this same fervent energy into the creation of their first full-length album, collaborating with producer Scott Middleton, formerly of Cancer Bats. The anticipation for this project is high, given the band’s dedication to a sound that is as thought-provoking as it is visceral.

Fans can witness the electrifying force of Junko Daydream live with upcoming shows scheduled in Guelph at Jimmy Jazz on November 3, in Toronto at the Hard Luck Bar on November 10, and in London at Poacher’s Arms on December 14, where they will be sharing the stage with Single Mothers.

Everybody Wants” is a statement, a reflection, and perhaps a little revelation.

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