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Introducing: JX ARKET, new post hardcore pack from Turin, Italy

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Just in time for their current European tour, we’re very pleased to present one of the newest Italian post hardcore bands, JX ARKET, who caught out ears with their emotional delivery with a chaotic edge, embodying the raw grittiness of heavier split offs of the genre. These guys are certainly an exciting new addition to the scene, and we’re stoked to give you a proper introduction to their project.

I think that for everyone of us is a bit the same. We are in a stage of our life where we played music.. played a lot in the past (we’re not so young anymore) and we’ve seen so many bands come and go. We have seen people being sucked in by life, and we all have that bit of a risk of being absorbed into ours too. But we feel we still have a lot to say, and this band give us the chance to do so. Therefore we feel like survivors, but also surviving thanks to Jx Arket.

We all are very focused on Jx Arket right now because a lot of things are happening all together, like this first tour, our album a next video etc. Poli (bass) keeps playing with Into my Plastic Bones, and the rest of us are only with Jx.

JX ARKET is: Andrea Mazzocca and Bruno Consani (guitars), Davide Giaccaria (voices), Marco Mei (drums) and Paolo Brondolo (bass). The band’s debut record “Meet Me Abroad” is out now via Scatti Vorticosi Records, Entes Anomicos (Frankfurt, DE), and È Un Brutto Posto Dove Vivere (Padua, IT).

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JC ARKET first European tour

Speaking of musical inspiration, we are certainly influenced by the post-hardcore and post-punk scene of the late 90s and early 00s. Sometimes, to those who ask us “who are you inspired by?” we like to answer: all that you can think of what would come out if you put together bands like… American FootballAlexisonfire and Glassjaw. I think the big part about our music is the emotion! Listening to the songs in our head and only then playing them.

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JX ARKET band!

In our first year we played some shows but nothing so far away from Turin and never abroad, so we’re excited to visit other countries, feel the people, bring them our music and also living this experience of touring together. On this month (October) we’ll be playing 2 shows in Liguria, and after that we hit the road on November 4th to Czech Republic, Poland (which we’ll be waiting for you guys over there haha), Slovakia and Hungary, maybe a couple of more gigs in Slovenia and Italy will pop up on the following days too, so stay tuned to our Facebook Page!

Asked about the current state of their local scene, JX ARKET added:

We honestly think that the underground scene is a bit growing. And I mean that fortunately there are still many people who wants to sweat, to sit there in a room playing music and try to say something through that. Moreover, the city we come from, Turin, is historically an important city that in the past dragged out the Italian underground with its black shades , esoteric and anger! Today I think that this, let’s call it, ”discomfort”, is even stronger! The Gray Turin burns again! What is missing is a real collective movement that allows bands to grow together, without rivalry and desire of doing so. What they are doing very well in northeast Italy

Track-by-track commentary:

1. I’ll be the One – It was our first “working song” and we did our first professional video with that.

2. Just Another Sad Song – Remind us a little of that post-punk feeling and it’s our shorter song, fast and brief, we like it.

3. Aokigahara – in this one We talk about an interesting forest in Japan… which if you don’t know about it, you should do some research.

4. Rooms – It was the first song we composed together, there’s a simple structure that we loved.

5. Day off – The first time we met face to face,was the same night we finished the song, exactly the way you hear it, and that is very important and very cool for us because of that, we can hear the way Jx Arket changed through the time by playing together.

6. Fragments – We would like to add some blast bit in our heart, so we let it in and then out.

7. Jonathan Livingstone – Its a five minutes song, that somehow while we play it, it goes by fast and it doesn’t give that heavy feeling where you have the rush to the end,so we enjoy playing it.

8. Happiness is Not for us – One of the firsts song written, we like how the delays and the music bring us to an interesting atmosphere and a state of mind.

9. Last Words From the Broken – We have a special guitar-affection on how it ends.

JX ARKET by Little Dave al Pad14

Photo: JX ARKET by Little Dave al Pad14


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