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KAHAL, a 15 year old prodigy of fuzz rock and bedroom pop, shares new single & video “AM I HERE”

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‘AM I HEREʼ by kahal is a rambunctious mix of loud fuzz rock, fused with jangly bedroom pop interludes. A song that crescendoes an average 5 times per listen, it delivers a musical story of brain dissociation, contrasting with the unusually uplifting chorus – with lyrics delivered by a tired character. The music video showcases a stay-at-home loner, who daydreams a friendship with a tiger.

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and raised in Pakistani-Irish culture, Kahal knew exactly what he wanted to sound like on the table full of already determined DIY artists.


With multiple tastes on the tongue, the 15-year old delivers a confident display of bedroom-pop infused rock.

Intoxicating bass riffs and upfront, honest vocals, and inspired by the wonderful noise of My Chemical Romance, Cavetown, Brockhampton, and Loathe. Kahal treats his creations as therapy – and an outlet for all the type of art that he loves, joined together.

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In 2019 – at age 13, making use of the IOS Garageband app and rusted old earphones, he independently wrote and recorded his first full length record ‘Sincerely, Blairʼ. The debut release featured an amateur bedroom production level; but an ambitious sound.

In 2020 – at age 15, he released his sophomore effort, ‘HUMAN HUBRISʼ. A rounder, more mature release than its predecessor. This record knew what it wanted to sound like; and look like, with the eerie imagery of Ancient Greek statues behind deep blue skies.

Residing in the UK, armed with a 2012 MacBook, broken guitars, and an ancient audio interface, Kahal wants to make sure everyone knows this doesnʼt stop him from emulating the high-budget projects that which he looks up to.

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