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KALIYUGA – 90s metallic hardcore act CHILDREN OF TERROR premiere new EP

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Almost 10 years since the release of their debut demo aand just one year since their debut full length album “Retrospective”, Malang, Indonesia’s metallic hardcore act CHILDREN OF TERROR are ready to take it to a new level. These guys produce wholly energetic 90s inspired metallic hardcore, utilizing elements of more metalcore oriented assaults, as well as more experimental add-ons that appeal to fans of epic, dark soundscapes. In this exclusive, we’ve partnered with CHILDREN OF TERROR to bring you the premiere of their new EP “KALIYUGA”, one of the genre’s most oustanding offering this year and assuredly the band’s strongest release to date.

Recorded at Virtuoso Studio in Malang, Indonesia, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by Laga, “KALIYUGA” by CHILDREN OF TERROR is the band’s self-release on CD Pro. To grab a copy, contact the band via [email protected].

The band commented:

This time we want to make something unique, quite different than our previous releases. We wanted something heavier, something darker, in the vein of Unbroken, Integrity, Disembodied and many European hardcore/metal bands which always have dark image and sound in my opinion. We also add noise music element to create atmospheric sound so we get dark ambience that fit with the vibe of our music. We cross any genre, we blend any music we known and shape it in the form of hardcore band. Draw an influence from powerviolence, grindcore, punk to oldschool death metal, from heavy metal to progressive rock even a little taste of space rock. We mixed it up and let’s just say we play 90’s metallic hardcore with different approach, by the music, sound, concept, and lyrics.

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Asked about the lyrics and the meaning of the record, the band added:

This EP titled “Kaliyuga” which means age of destruction in Hindu belief. “Kaliyuga” is semi-concept album, not fully concept album. All lyrics on this EP talk about death. Any kind of death. I wrote all the lyrics here, except (((Patah))) which Bagus (Vocal) also co writing. In “Rest In Peace” I talked about my friends who died in the wilderness of the mountain. He lost for 2 days before we found his dead body a hundreds meters below the top. “(((Patah)))” talked about drug abuse, death by overdose. “Puppets Of War” talked about a soldier at the middle of the war. He denied his senses of humanity, killed his sense of human, soldier was like a machine who already programmed to complete the task, whether he like or not, he must follow the order to complete the mission even its against his own belief. “Kaliyuga” talked about the world today. We know how the world works today. How cruel the world today. Who’s the stronger kill who’s weaker. We all forget about our senses of human, taking care each other, we lost our path, burn our history, etc. It’s time for age of destruction, which crush everything, burn anything to build the new one, age of peace. Seems like doomsday.

GO HERE to check out the band’s recent interview for Aversionline magazine.

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