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“Karma Police” by RADIOHEAD gets a new alt version by RIOT FOR ROMANCE

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With a plan on including it on the LP, which is currently be tracked for Steadfast Records (Appleseed Cast, Brandston, Zao, etc.), RIOT FOR ROMANCE are joining us today for the official first hearing of their rendition of Radiohead’s behemoth of a single “Karma Police”.

Riot for Romance, a trio of musicians/friends who reside in separate states (Georgia, Colorado and Florida), released their self-titled EP digitally, and on cassette and lathe cut vinyl, last February with Friend Club Records (Battle Ave, Common Sage, Eugenius) and Steadfast Records (Brandston, Zao, Golden Streets of Paradise) teaming up with the band for the release.

This February 3, the second edition of the EP sees release on lathe cut vinyl. It is a two-sided clear vinyl 10” with new ink colors, a two-color, screen-printed, fold-over cover printed on Speckletone French paper and limited to 50 copies.

Riot For Romance has an eclectic and broad set of influences and Radiohead is certainly hidden in there.

“I remember hearing ‘Karma Police‘ for the first time in 1997.” – says the band’s vocalist Jason Hansen.

“It was such a departure from Radiohead’s earlier alternative music which seemed to blend more with the genre of the day. But this song and the album it appeared on? It was ahead of its time. It drew me back to bwhen I was departing alternative and grunge for more post-hardcore, shoegaze, and emo sounds.”

“Our hope is that our interpretation of ‘Karma Police‘ truly pays homage to the original while infusing our brand of post-punk, shoegaze, and the alternative of today’s era.”

Karma Police cover by RIot for Romance
Karma Police cover by RIot for Romance

For the unindoctrinated, the members of the post-punk/shoegaze/alternative rock band aren’t newbies by a long stretch — Jason Hansen (vocals, guitars, keys); Brett Miotti (bass); and Kelly Nunn (drums/guitars) have over 20 years of experience. They’ve toured, logged studio time, produced internationally distributed releases, performed at music festivals and have been played on the radio.

Individually, the members of Riot for Romance cut their teeth performing in a variety of acts including Sleeping by the Riverside, the Sincerity Guild, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Underoath and Never Enough.

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