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Emotional rockers LEIAH combine drama and grace with a confidence and joy on their captivating new album “Endless”

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With the uncanny ability to mix alternative, progressive, space rock, post rock and driving indie rhythms, LEIAH have managed to put out a cohesive album that is an eclectic journey from start to finish. “Endless” is just two weeks old and we simply can’t get it out of our heads, so we’ve decided to give it a deeper dive and breadk down the full thing track by track.

Endless” is undeniably Leiah’s most impressive work – offering a broad and colourful collection of multi-style compositions that are refreshing and surprising as they are powerful and striking.

Leiah knew from the get-go that they wanted to work with people who understand their music and who are 100% dedicated. “We also knew that there should be more than one mixer handling the record. The main reason for this is that we think albums sounds more interesting this way.” – they admit.

That’s why “Endless” was mixed by Paul Gregory from Lanterns on the Lake (Mastersystem, Minor Victories) and Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna.

Comparing this new opus to their previous work, they continue: “We did the same thing back on the Pelle Gunnefeldt (Refused/The Hives) produced Sound and Diversity album (2002) but that record was a real struggle. This album is more of a team effort.”

Kristofer Jönson (Jeniferever) who recorded and produced Endless made the recording and mixing process a lot easier and more inspiring. “Kristofer is also a hardware head and loves guitars.” – they continue. “It was a perfect match. Mixing was handled by Paul Gregory from Lanterns on the Lake and Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna. The record was also mastered by Norman Nitzsche at Calyx Mastering.”


Teeth (Paul Gregory mix)

The main riff and verse were written back in 2003 for LP4. As we remember it, we took inspiration from guitar time signatures that Mogwai created on their album Happy Songs for Happy People. Like how the guitars float above the bass in the verse. We think it’s a perfect album opener since it sets the mood for the whole album. Recorded live with overdubs, vocals etc added later. The lyric is about not being afraid of breaking out of things that no longer serves you.

The Witness (Magnus Lindberg mix)

We wrote this song when we decided to get the band back together. We like to think of it as a Pop song but then we actually don’t know how to write a proper Pop song. Kristofer did some really beautiful piano overdubs on the chorus and we guess the outro bares some elements from the Danish band Mew. Recorded live with overdubs, vocals etc added later. There is also an early version of the song recorded and available for streaming. David’s lyric is about finding solutions when you can connect with your inner peace that you always carry within.

The Deserter (Magnus Lindberg mix)

A no fuss Indie Rock banger. David had everything figured out when he showed us the song. When we went into the studio 70% of it was already recorded. The rest is mostly producer Kristofer helping us make the song sound bigger and better. The broader picture regarding the lyric is that it’s about desertion from a relationship.

You’re Something I’m Not (Paul Gregory mix)

The opening guitar parts and the verse is kind of our homoge for Sigur Rós. A band that we really respect. When we showed Kristofer the song he told us that the chorus needed some work. Not the melodies or anything but more how the drums worked with them. He wanted the chorus more direct and in line with how The Get Up Kids would have done. The drummer Gunnar does not really listen to them but just the other day we read a review where they said the chorus sounded a bit like Jimmy Eat World. I guess we almost nailed it. Recorded live with overdubs, vocals etc added later and Kristofer did some backing vocals. David wrote the lyric after realizing someone wasn’t who they said they were.


Surrender (Magnus Lindberg mix)

Surrender was the first song we wrote when we got together. We did not know where to start but we had seen an old Leiah show on YouTube where we were jamming on some song we never recorded. We liked tiny parts of it and just like that we had made a new song. David adores the band 108 and we think he felt this song, with its spiritual lyrical theme about ‘Kali Yuga’, needed to pack some real punch. We also tend to write songs in 6/8 beat. Recorded live with overdubs, vocals etc added later.

I Do (Magnus Lindberg mix)

We made a demo of the song back in 2003 for LP4 before we broke up. Since the song is a banger we felt that i needed to be on the album. It also gives Endless a connection between the old and the new. David’s vocal range is still there even after 20 years and that’s what makes the song work. We remember telling Magnus (Cult of Luna) that the chorus guitars needed more “ljudmos”. We can’t really explain “ljudmos” in English but if you like the guitar sound that bands like Disfear use then you get the picture. David’s lyric is about being forced to do whatever it takes to survive.

Through The Gate (Paul Gregory mix)

When we write music it comes naturally. This one felt ready until we met with Kristofer before entering the studio. The build-up before the chorus had a more “jazzy” feel that Kristofer insisted we should rework. We are glad we did. This is probably as close as we will get playing a verse that sounds like a ballad. It was not intended though since everyone thought we were doing something in the line of Pink Floyd. The lyric is about finally waking up from an illusionary life and trying to change it for the better. Recorded live with overdubs, vocals etc added later.

Interwoven Dreams (Paul Gregory mix)

In the early process we called the song Arenarock. Yes, we tend to give our songs bad working titles. Interwoven Dreams was the hardest song to record since we had different feelings about it. Luckily Kristofer guided us through the process and wrote the final part of the song with us in the studio. Kristofer did some amazing piano work on this song. We still to this day have different emotions about it but we know the song fills a purpose since it’s nicely interwoven with Jayate. David sings about the complexity of perception.

Jayate (Paul Gregory mix)

This is David doing his thing with his synths and hardware. In the studio he said “I want this to be done in one take. I want to improvise”. David likes the movie composer Brad Fiedel and probably this song is a bit inspired by his music.

Shallow (Paul Gregory mix)

We needed a calmer song and studio time was coming up when David showed up with guitar chords and vocals melodies. When we played the song for producer Kristofer he said that the drums and bass on the verse should be more “flowing”. When the song was recorded Kristofer added piano and some overall magic. We kind of knew that the song should be closing the album since it escalates into this intense outro. The long fade is only added on the digital/CD version. On vinyl you get everything thrown at you. A wall of sound crashing into a crescendo. Recorded live with overdubs, vocals etc added later. Davids’s lyric is a spiritual love manifest guided upon his favourite book; the Bhagavad-Gita and how it changed his life.

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