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“Keepin’ it Real” – Philly hardcore pack STRUCK NERVE premiere new jam!

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With a rich history of influential bands including Ink and Dagger, Blacklisted, and Horror Show, Philadelphia’s hardcore scene has had an indelible impression on the hardcore community going back to the ‘80s. Comprised of current and former members of such groups as Jesus Piece, Agitator, Uzi Kids, and Pain Strikes, STRUCK NERVE is a new straight edge hardcore combo poised to add to their city’s hallowed punk legacy. Today, we’re giving you the band’s debut track called “Keepin’ it Real”, coming from their debut s/t EP on WAR Records!

Struck Nerve was spawned in 2018 with the mission of writing material that brought back the era in hardcore when faster tempos with gang vocals and Posi Numbers Fest reigned supreme.

“Me and [guitarist] Marty [Williams] really wanted to do something different than all the heavy shit we constantly see coming out of Philly,” says vocalist Anthony Marinaro.

“After he wrote a few songs, we got our friends Joe, Pat, and Jake to join and got the demo together.”


Listening to Struck Nerve’s eponymous debut EP for WAR Records, it’s clear Anthony and company achieved their sonic goal. Recorded by Wyatt Oberholzer (Year of the Knife, Fixation), Struck Nerve rips and tears with both speed-driven and more breakdown-centered sections, conjuring the spirit and energy of classic hardcore throughout its 4 tracks.

Keeping’ It Real lyrics:

Put yourself first, that’s what you always do.
Where were you for us, after we were there for you?
So much fucking effort, now it’s gone to waste.
Only a matter of time til we put you in your place.
Keeping it real, something you could never do.
Soon enough it’s gonna all catch up to you.

Your head’s too big, you gotta be checked
Gotta put in your time to earn your respect
Gotta learn the vibe and learn the feel
And never forget that real recognize real

KEEPIN. IT. REAL. – keepin it real
KEEPIN. IT. REAL. – keepin it real


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