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Kentucky screamo act SCENARIO streaming new 5-tracker “Sounds in Sequence”

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Zegema Beach Records just released Sounds in Sequence by SCENARIO, an epic, groovy, riffy screamo band from Kentucky. Co-released with one The Ghost is Clear Records, the EP is streaming below.

“Kentucky’s Scenario was birthed from of a pandemic. 5 longtime friends got together to make something that harkened back to the music they would listen to in high school, but from a more mature place where they could strip away the things they felt didn’t hold up through the years.

What we’re left with is a release filled with twisting, sharpened riffs that evoke a nostalgia for the post-hardcore music of 2001-2004. But less of a throwback, and more of a rose tinted homage to what that genre could have been. These 5 songs come in at 21 minutes, and the term ‘promising’ doesn’t seem to do the songwriting justice.”

For fans of: Hot Cross, Funeral Diner and Armywives

“Sounds In Sequence does indeed sound like the product of kids who came of age in the early 2000s, with a near-seamless mix of harsh ’90s screamo and the more melodic, dramatic early 2000s emo that came in its wake. The aggressive, screamed vocals are primarily in the forefront, but the sweet intricacy of the musicianship and the occasional clean backing vocals make Sounds In Sequence a more expansive and approachable release than your average ’90s-style screamo worship.” / BrooklynVegan

“It’s five longtime friends from Kentucky who formed a band during the pandemic, playing spindly, volatile screamo indebted to the region’s post-rock and post-hardcore history. Their debut EP Sounds In Sequence features five urgently performed yet patiently unfolding tracks. The guitar riffs are snaking, piercing, and tightly wound. The rhythm section plays hard and heavy and sometimes launches into combustive outbursts. The impassioned vocals blur the line between singing and shouting. It’s occasionally discordant and herky-jerky but just as often straightforward and anthemic. ” Stereogum

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