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ADIÓS CABALLOS serve a strikingly emotional exploration into different shades of post hardcore

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One and a helf year since the release of their impressive debut release we look back at Spanish screamo band ADIÓS CABALLOS‘ most recent EP “oToÑo”, released in December 2020. The band joins us today to share their track by track rundown and special list of bands they respect, acts they enjoy touring with, and artists that you should definitely put on your radar!

Though it was sort of disappointing that it’s just 4 tracks, the EP is a cohesive listen that runs smoothly and sparkles at every moment. Similarly to our today’s special from CHIVALA and other post hardcore releases that flooded our pages, “oToÑo” comes as a work of is an album of diversity, fluctuating between heartrending moments and more progressive, post rock inspired interludes. Expressing their range as musicians, it’s really all that we could ask for as a follow up to “Llora“.

Track by track commentary:

Herida sustento consecuencia

We wanted it to be the dirtiest and loudest song of the Ep but by surprise we found some melodies that we wanted to add.
That is why there is such a huge contrast between some parts and others.

The lyrics speak of the difficulty in moving forward, closing doors and forgetting. About that kind of obsessive need that human beings have to come back again and again to stumble on the same stone.
Speaks about becoming addicted to rejection.

Termitas y Haikus.

Perhaps it is a different song from what we had been doing in the previous EP. Some say that the bass reminded us of bands like “Idles” … the truth is that we wanted to see where it led us and it may be the song that most like to date.
It has a pretty catchy chorus, very ambient guitars and more sung parts than usual for us.
The lyrics of could be summed up with the last sentence: “They taught us to collect airports and photograph places, but it is in small things that the origin of hurricanes resides”

Adios Caballos


This is a natural born song that is with us from the very beginning. It is balanced trought a more instrumental way rather than vocal, and its final progression is more than appreciated by us.
In some moments we thought about adding more vocals but we needed the Ep to breathe, so we left it as it is now, letting the music to speak


This is the most melodic song among all, slow development with a late breakdown
Lyrics speak of the weight of places in our memories, links between places and people, being able to scape of them all
Jumping off the ship together, without blaming or looking back. This is the only way to close the door

“Bands we played along”, by ADIÓS CABALLOS:

Tredicci de Ojne

Ojne: Very well known Italian band. We love them so much and we had the chance to play with them in our city. Was so fun to share beers, shots and hugs!

Saltpeter de Boneflower

Probably the most listened album this year by us. Noise and screams mixed up with tunes and compositions that go straight to the heart

Annapurnas de Viva Belgrado

This is the most popular national band in that list. Their evolution made the people be aware about a previously hiden music style in Spain. Their lyrics and continous development are the reason of the evolution of this band, reaching more people as they move forward.

Vivos (Pasaporte a Viajes Imposibles) de Catorce

They are already separated but they have left their mark on coming bands. Their sensitivity and good taste for making songs had no limits. Their latest album is beautiful in both concept and form, as they combine melodies and noise in a very personal way.

Calma y Olvido de Altair

Their sound is close to European screamo but updating it. They are very young and have everything ahead of them.

“Bands we love to play with”, by ADIÓS CABALLOS:

Fantástico Isidro de Habitar La Mar

People with a lot of time behind them in different projects and who now practice a loud and nuanced noise.

Comatose Daughter de Trees Will Tell

From Barcelona a band that combines great melodies with landscapes closer to posthardcore, contained rage and very good sound.

Lluvia y Seda de Shibuya

We will share 2 dates with them in September, we really like their way of turning emotions into songs. They are recording right now and we think they will come out with something amazing.

Espectros de Ànteros

Between Post Rock and post metal, a band that is growing by leaps and bounds. They create musical paradises and melodies destroying at their will. The game of their two voices gives them a very own personality.

Soflamas de Svdestada

Standard bearers of DIY and renovators of the Crust scene in our country. Noise, heart and sound.
A steamroller, the most beasts on this list without any doubt.

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