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Kevin Seconds (7 SECONDS) announces split 7” with Steve Soto (THE ADOLESCENTS) – exclusive commentary available

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Longtime 7 SECONDS mainman Kevin Seconds has recently announced a split 7″ release with Steve Soto of California punk rock heroes ADOLESCENTS. The record was announced via Kevin’s Instagram post below and will be out this winter via Blacktop Records. We have teamed up with both musicians and got you a first hand commentary on the yet-to-be-detailed project!

Kevin Seconds commented:

Steve and I toured together quite a bit last year and I had a blast. I hadn’t had as much fun touring with someone as I did with Steve. We talked a lot about doing some sort of recorded collaboration and decided on keeping it simple at first and doing a couple songs each on a 7 inch and playing and singing on each other songs. I had done a split with Jonah Matranga on Blacktop a few years ago and the experience was great so I hit up Ben who said he’d be stoked to release it!”

Steve Soto added:

Kevin and I had shared a few bills over the years One of the best was playing Rancid’s New Years Eve 2016 Bash …we were talking that night about playing more shows together and decided to do a run of shows in California …a week or so before the shows he asked what I thought about us sharing the stage and switching off songs instead of two separate sets … it sounded good to me .. I guess it could have gone either way but from the first show I think there was a chemistry there. Our songs went well together and as the shows progressed we started singing along with each other and having a real great time . Since that first run we have toured Europe and the US together Along the way people started asking if we were ever going to record together… once again that sounded like an awesome idea to me.. I just got back from a weekend in Sacramento where we did some recording in Kevin’s Basement… it was a blast so I’m psyched we are doing this 7″ on Blacktop and I hope there will be more to follow !”


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