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IN SHORTS #14 📢 Early October Mega News Roundup!

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Photo: AXIS live, 2013, by Kris Alan Carter.

Alerta Antifascista Records has unleashed ‘Kein Ort 2: nicht keine Stadt und Lethargie’, an epic 10-minute track from the newest offering from Austrian experimental doom post metal / post hardcore act LAS CASAS VIEJAS, whose name THE OLD HOUSES refers to the Casas Viejas incident. The thought-provoking record pushes boundaries and challenges the cultural conversation, and is yet another offering from the label that breathes life into fading arts and crafts of engaged punk.

Las Casas Viejas are a six piece epic-atmospheric rock band, hailing from Austria and Germany, featuring members of LA LIGNE MAGINOT and FAKE EMPIRE. Drawing influence from postrock, sludge, doom and blackmetal.
This is an immensely complex band, lyrically and musically. Peeling this back like an onion reveals a mixture of down-tuned hardcore punk with seriously dark metallic overtones and atmospheric textures piercing through waves of thick reverb. Lyrical overtones paint a bleak existential foray into the decay of society, poetic without sounding contrived, and are well translated from the native Austrian-inflected German.

Seattle experimental alt rockers MONITOR have released a full stream of their stunning debut record “Memorand”, featured on IDIOTEQ last week, alongside the opener track premiere. “Memorand” is a confident, inventive record that focuses on tender melodies and almost unearthly moods, and grows more amazing with each listen. See for yourself.

Swedish squad RADIUM GRRRLS (members of TOTEM SKIN and LIVET SOM INSATS) bring their intense brand of hardcore punk on their debut 7” “Pro Choice”: one brimming with powerviolence outbursts, infused with the attitude of the riot grrrl movement and haunted by the righteous personal and political rage of the Radium Girls in songs like ”Pro Choice” and ”Grrrls Like Us”. A debut brimming with great potential.

Gentle emo/indie post-hardcore rockers REGARDE released a full stream of their new record “Leavers”, produced and recorded in Boston by Jay Maas of DEFEATER. The album is available via Wiretap Records (LA, CA), V4V Records (Italy) and Epidemic Records (Italy) and has its own kind of subtlety that makes it truly listenable.

Rotterdam hardcore band FROM THE HEART premiere new video for their new song “Self Destruct”, from their new record “Make It Last”, to be released on October 20th via WTF Records!

Eurocore was the big thing back in the 90ties. Bands like Rykers, Backfire, Hard Restitance or No Turning Back were the big names in european Hardcore. Somehow the term Eurocore came out of fashion but now From The Heart from Rotterdam is putting it back on the map. There is no better term to describe their style: metallic oldschools Hardcore, fast, aggresive, with a snotty punk attitude. Straight to the face.

From The Heart were founded in 2012 and released their debut „Leave It All Behind“ in 2015. Now the second Album „Make It Last“ is going to be released. More mature, better sound but without losing its soul.

The recently IDIOTEQ-featured punk rockers HELL & BACK released a new video today for the song “Slowlife”. Watch below and catch them live at the following shows with RESOLUTIONS (Fond of Life Records)

27.10. Rorschach (CH) @ Treppenhaus
28.10. Wangen @ Tonne
29.10. Stuttgart @ Kap Tormentoso
30.10. Zürich (CH) @ Hafenkneipe

Queercore punks LIMP WRIST performed live at Brooklyn Bazaar on September 30th, in support of their amazing new record “Facades“. Captured by Max Volume Silence.

San Diego, California’s emotive screamo / hardcore band LETTERS TO CATALONIA premiere an excellent new EP “Fragmentary”, available now on Skeletal Lightning and React With Protest!

Chaotic hardcore / metalcore / mathcore hybrid THE PSYKE PROJECT have premiered a sick new video for their song “The Eng”, filmed at their final gig at Pumpehuset on October 3rd, 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

A project over 5 years in the making, AMERICAN WAR MACHINE (Bridge 9 Records, members of Slapshot, Agnostic Front, Blood For Blood, and Intent To Injure) release debut EP – three unrelenting tracks of pure, no-frills hardcore punk. Order “Prey Drive” HERE and listen to one of the new tracks below.

Post rock giants CASPIAN have release a new video for their song “Sad Heart of Mine”, coming from the album Dust and Disquiet, discussed in this interview for IDIOTEQ, and available now on Triple Crown Records, Hobbledehoy Records (Australia) and Big Scary Monsters (Europe).Produced, Directed and Edited by Marc Lemoine, the video can be watched below.

Austrian noisy, grindy, sludge hardcore pack ORPHANS release new EP “no pulse”. Listen below and catch them live on November 3rd in Kapu in Linz, Austria, alongside SPIRIT DESIRE, NEW NATIVE, and Cool K (Afterparty).

Hardcore band NO WARNING (Bridge 9 Records) have released a music video for their new song “Hell Realm”, coming from their new album “Torture Culture”, slated for an October 13th via Last Gang Entertainment and Bad Actors.

English doom metal veterans ELECTRIC WIZARD are back with a new record Wizard Bloody Wizard, slated for a Nov 10th release via Spinefarm Records. Watch their new video for the song “See You In Hell” below.

Emo rockers THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE & I AM NO LONGER AFRAID TO DIE performed live at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, Pa on September 29th, 2017. This took place at a record release show for their album “Always Foreign” and our beloved videographer Feet First was there to capture it in its full glory. Watch below and listen to the new record in full!

Produced by TWIABP guitarist Christopher Teti, Always Foreign confronts everything from the opioid epidemic to xenophobia to emotional abuse in relationships. Throughout the album, TWIABP match their sprawling arrangements and layered lyricism with a raw emotionality.
“When we started writing we were fresh off Trump being elected, so there’s an anger to the album that’s different from what we’ve done in the past,” says TWIABP vocalist David F Bello. “There’s a lot more resistance thinking throughout the songs—not in a way that’s strictly anti-Trump, but also addressing things like white supremacy and controlling elements of the state.”

GO HERE to watch the whole set.

Japanese melodic hardcore band STRANDED are streaming new track “Hollow Eyes”, coming from their new EP Burn The Life, slated for an October 25th release via Militia Inc (LOYAL TO THE GRAVE associated label).

Aarschot, Belgium’s melodic punk rockers GENERATION 84 have unveiled the full stream of their new album “Relentless”,coming out on Morning Wood Records soon!

“This will be a 30 minute burst of 10 fast and melodic punk rock songs influenced by older AFI, Offspring and Bad Religion. Musically, we’ve continued along the path we took with our latest release ‘Let’s Do This’. For that album, we worked with Thanks But No Thanks Records and Indelirium Records and we’re very happy to announce that we’ll continue to work with them for this release. We’re also delighted to announce that Morning Wood Records will release our album in the Netherlands, which has really been a second home to us over the past few years.”

Houston-based riff dealers OMOTAI present their latest album, the conceptual and crushing A Ruined Oak – the album a meditation on the lost colony at Roanoke, centered on abandonment and responsibility, the lyrics haunted by loss and violence – which will be issued this Friday through Tofu Carnage Records.

Recorded by Chris Ryan at Dead City Sound and mastered by James Plotkin, OMOTAI’s A Ruined Oak album delivers an unrelenting dose of charged riff dynamics, pummeling low-end thunder, and infectious hooks. This sprawling, diverse work shows a greater range than anything OMOTAI has done before, with songs drawing from thrash, doom, sludge, extreme metal, hardcore punk, and post-rock.

Having been forced to rework their tour routing due to the ongoing aftereffects of Hurricane Harvey, the quartet is currently on the road supporting the new album. Kicking off last Friday, the band has already played Arlington, Oklahoma City, and Denver, OMOTAI continues this week with shows in Spokane, Seattle, Olympia, Reno, San Francisco, Lubbock, and San Antonio planned. Additional tour dates will be announced shortly. GO HERE to see the dates.

Indiana melodic hardcore / metalcore act STOLEAWAY release new track called “Submission”.

TOUCHE AMORE have teamed up with THURSDAY for a collaborative performance of their song “Flowers And You”, and Ned Russin of TITLE FIGHT to perform “Crescent-Shaped Depression,” TITLE FIGHT’s jam from a split with TOUCHE AMORE that was released 6 years ago.Fight song that Touché Amoré covered on a 2011 split EP. The band posted videos of both songs on their Instagram; watch them below.
Flowers and You w/ @geoff

In other news, Geoff Rickly came by Kops Records’ Bloor location to perform an acoustic session for a small audience of contest winning fans. He played “Time’s Arrow,” “This Side of Brightness,” “This Song Brought to You by a Falling Bomb” and “Turnpike Divides” for the Toronto crowd. The band performed later that evening at Danforth Music Hall with Fucked Up, mewithoutyou and Big Jesus. June 25, 2017. GO HERE to see more details.

Read a transcription of what happened below, then be sure to watch the four-song acoustic set in the YouTube player at the bottom of the page, where you can also hear Rickly explain his love for jingles.

GO HERE to see all 4 videos.

Post hardcore legends QUICKSAND have shared a new video for their song ‘Cosmonauts’, coming from their highly anticipated new album ‘Interiors,’ available November 10th via Epitaph Records.

ÜBERGANG have been delivering their cocktail of thrash, hardcore and punk for some time now and they are are about to unveil their first LP called “Zeichen der Zeit“, to be released on November 24th on Vinyl and CD via Demons Run Amok Entertainment. For fans of NUCLEAR ASSAULT, D.R.I., early BATHORY, EXODUS, SOOTHSAYER, EXCEL and the great thrash, crossover and metal-influenced HC records of the past decades. All this with a modern sound and original style and German lyrics Check out a teaser track below.

On October 20th, massive, atmospheric doom metallers WORMWOOD (members of DOOMRIDERS, PHANTOM GLUE, THE RED CHORD, and BEYOND THE SIXTH SEAL) will unleash their highly anticipated first full length album, Mooncurse via Translation Loss Records. Mooncurse is unapologetic with thick-as-hell, abysmal riffs and crushing bitterness. Moody, savage and sludged-out guitars ebb and flow with distortion, pummeling with relentless waves while dark, ritualistic rhythms take hold and lead you in and out of darkness. WORMWOOD embraces and illuminates with calculated and cathartic sonic despair and finds light in all the darkest places of their wounds. The supergroup writes formidable compositions that are both thoughtful and instinctive. Check out their new track “The Undesirables” below.

“We wanted the record to have an apocalyptic feel or a feeling of isolation/rejection/depression and that tends to come up lyrically as well as sonically” explains vocalist Chris Pupecki. “I truly believe playing heavy music is the greatest therapy in the world, and so for me, all the darkest stuff in the recesses of my mind seems to come up and kind of release while I play and I always feel better afterwards…for a little while at least.”

WORMWOOD are: Chris Pupecki – vocals, guitars, synth, Mike Gowell – guitars, Greg Weeks – bass guitar, backing vocals, synth, Chris Bevilacqua (Bev) – drums.
The pack will be supporting ALL PIGS MUST DIE at the following stops:

10/19 – Saint Vitus, NY
10/20 – Great Scott, Allston, MA

Belgium’s new chanty, raw, oi punk influenced band FORGE are streaming their debut demo! Check it out below and stay tuned for a tape releaase on Lost Youth Records. The band will be doing their first live gig at This Ain’t Noise Fest in November 25th in Kessel-Lo, Belgium.

CAVALERA CONSPIRACY dropped a new tune called “Insane”, coming from their 4th record Psychosis, out November 17 on Napalm Records.

Breath in, breath out: “Psychosis” is the fourth installment from the most lucent export of Brazil: CAVALERA CONSPIRACY! The Thrash Metal-brothers Iggor and Max Cavalera dive deep into the mire of human panic and anxiety states. This is the soundtrack to your worst sickness, a most sinister Thrash-psychoses that rip the scabs from old wounds. The album features brutal shredding on the track “Spectral War” then progresses to super-fast blastbeats in “Judas Pariah” that lead into the stomping beast called “Crom”. A hail of Black and Death Metal-arsenal that disturb your hearing in so many ways! Just merciless. Primarily these guitar solos chatter in paranoid disharmony. With “Psychosis” CAVALERA CONSPIRACY are able to reanimate the intensity of the good old 80s thrash, black and death metal. This record is so powerful, that even the thought of hearing this wonder hurts. The brothers Cavalera have outlived all the crazy eras of metal and remain more stable and frightening than ever! “Psychosis” is terrific, in the truest sense of the word. You won’t find any thrash metal on the planet that could boast more brutal. Bow your heads down amidst the brothers of the crowbar!

Canadian punk rockers PROPAGANDHI have released their new album Victory Lap through Epitaph Records – GO HERE to listen. The band will be supporting it on a European tour in May 2018.

The schedule includes their appearance at Manchester Punk Festival, alongside Wonk Unit, The Bennies, Antillectual, Pizzatramp, Darko, Svetlanas, Nervus, Mobina Galore, Egos At the Door, Throwing Stuff, Natterers, Captain Hotknives, Uniforms, The Minor Discomfort Band, Drones, All Aboard!, Aerial Salad, Fresh, Christmas, Spoilers, Wolfbeast Destroyer, Regret, Rotten Foxes, Forever Unclean, Foxes Faux, Shankland, Incisions and The Lab Rats!

Apr 20, 2018 St. Luke’s Glasgow, United Kingdom
Apr 21, 2018 Manchester Punk Festival Manchester, United Kingdom
Apr 22, 2018 SWX Bristol Bristol, United Kingdom
Apr 24, 2018 Melkweg Amsterdam, Netherlands
Apr 26, 2018 Garage Saarbrucken Saarbrucken, Germany
Apr 27, 2018 Sputnikhalle Münster, Germany
Apr 30, 2018 Gibus Paris, France
May 02, 2018 Club Vaudeville Lindau, Germany
May 04, 2018 Various Zurich, Switzerland
May 04, 2018 Dragoner Strasse 22 Opfikon, Switzerland

UK hardcore label Quality Control has released a new demo from Brighton raw hardcore punks IMPOSTER, channeling Boston, USA 1982! Physical copies will be out soon. For fans of BOSTON STRANGLER and NEGATIVE APPROACH.

Metal label Relapse Records has partnered up with Rock To The Future to offer their annual label sampler highlighting another year of incredible music from their eclectic roster, featuring the best dark and heavy music from around the globe. Ranging from death metal, black metal, doom, sludge, and grindcore to hard rock, electronic, synth, industrial, experimental, prog, and more, the sampler features over 30 tracks from metal legends like OBITUARY, DYING FETUS, INTEGRITY and INCANTATION to rising stars and sonic innovators MYRKUR, KING WOMAN, S U R V I V E and CLOAKROOM to new signees AUTHOR & PUNISHER, MIRACLE, GENOCIDE PACT, and TRAPPIST.

The label commented:

As always, the sampler is entirely FREE to stream and download however if you choose to contribute to the pay-what-you-want model, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Rock To The Future, a non-profit organization that provides music education for Philadelphia’s underserved youth at no cost to them or their families. Using music, their programs ignite passion and creativity, support academic achievement, and improve self-esteem by empowering individuals and strengthening local communities.

Swedish noisy grind hardcore punks LONELY GRAVE (check out their debut demo HERE) are teasing their debut full length with a stream of their new, intense, poisonous track called ‘They Shall Take Up Serpents’. Check it out and expect a full 11-tracker in early 2018.

Bangkok, Thailand based straight edge torch bearers MONUMENT X are celebrating the 5th year of their existence with a new batch of demos on Brighten Up Records. Listen below and charge your sXe engine now!

Alt indie rockers POPE (members of DONOVAN WOLFINGTON, interviewed for IDIOTEQ in 2013) have revealed a couple of new songs from their forthcoming second album, ‘True Talent Champion’, to be released on the 3rd November via Community Records.

Gritty punk rockers IRON CHIC have unveiled their new song, ‘A Headache with Pictures’, coming from their upcoming third album, ‘You Can’t Stay Here’, to be released on the 13th October via SideOneDummy Records.

Emotive indie rockers BLIS premiere new track from their debut LP No One Loves You. “Lost Boy” is the album’s powerful, emotional centerpiece. No One Loves You will be released via Sargent House on October 6, 2017. The album is available for pre-order in both physical and digital formats.

Songwriter Aaron Gossett explains:

“Lost Boy is about a time where my son’s mother was pregnant with [my son] Atticus. We were living together when we found out we were going to be parents and she pretty abruptly left me because she was afraid of what her parents would think about the whole situation. Her parents are very religious. Her father is a pastor and owns a church and her mother runs a Christian school. I’m not religious. For a long time she hid our relationship from her parents because she was afraid they would disown her if they found out she was dating a black guy, much less an atheist.”

Emotive post hardcore band OVERCAST dropped a new tune from their upcoming new record, to be released later this month. Listen to “traehkcalbroodder” below and GO HERE to read out full interview with the band.

Noisy rockers METZ release a making-off video for their new record Strange Peace and a new live performance for ‘Pitchfork Live’. Watch both videos below. ‘Strange Peace’ was released on September 22, 2017 on Sub Pop. See their current live dates HERE.

WU-TANG CLAN dropped a new video for their new jam “People Say”, coming from their new record The Saga Continues next month. It features Method Man, Redman, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa and RZA.

“The concept of the video is based on a Wu box and inside the Wu box is the secret to Wu’s energy,” Mathematics explained to Complex. “It’s sacred but at the same time we want to share it so we give it out piece by piece. But there’s always someone who wants to take too much for their own selfish reasons. All of that transpires in the video.”

In other news, Ghostface Killah has co-founded a cryptocurrency company called Cream Capital, which is planning an initial coin offering on November 11 to raise $30 million. GO HERE to see more details on that.

Hans Zimmer’s Experimental Original Score for the amazing new movie ‘Blade Runner 2049’ is available! The picture opens in theaters October 6th.

British d-beat metal punks DISCHARGE (Nuclear Blast Records) have booked a number of shows in Europe this November.

03.11. Athens – An Club (Greece)
10.11. Vitoria-Gasteiz – Gasteiz Calling Fest (Spain)
11.11. Porto – Heart Club (Portugal)
12.11. Madrid – True Blood Club (Spain)
24.11. Karlstad – Nöjesfabriken (Sweden)

Grind bands WOJCZECH (Germany) and KRUPSKAYA (UK) have teamed up for a new crushing split release, due out October 27th, 2017 on 7 Degrees Records (Germany). Each band has released one of their tracks – listen below.

German grind unit Wojczech release three pulverizing and varied tracks for this ambitious split with UK band Krupskaya. They add more flavour to the proceedings and remain unpredictable for the most part without compromising on the sonic impact. Sounding like a contemporary blend of early Brutal Truth, Nasum, Dephosphorus and even Pig Destroyer, they’ve covering many sub-styles and it all falls in place beautifully. Here’s grindcore that’s not monotonous but just as exciting. Krupskaya from UK tear the place down after a pensive build-up, and they’re astonishingly fast. Reminiscent of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Exit-13 and Yacopsae, their music will give you a head rush. Interspersed by atmospheric passages, their wild blasting feels even more intense and is bound to leave you scampering for cover. Crazed-up, hyperspeed grindcore is the order of the day and Krupskaya are one of the finest bands at present at that.

Ben Koller of CONVERGE, MUTIOID MAN and ALL PIGS MUST DIE appeared as ‘Garth Algar’ from the 1992 movie ‘Wayne’s World‘ in the newestvideo from Zildjian, who offered the following:

To help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of A Custom Cymbals, we went back 25 years to the big screen debut of an epic drum solo, recreated by the one and only Ben “Garth” Koller!

Oregon melodic punk band NOT A PART OF IT (est. 2014) are streaming their 2nd full length on Act Out! Records and a lyric video for their song “The Nine Lives of the Night Life”. These fellas are bringing back some fine 70s punk and oi aesthetic with melodies and energy delivered with a pure joy and resulting in some truly catchy gems.

Tom Petty (THE HEARTBREAKERS) passed away this past Monday. He was 66. Dave Matthews, Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle and Patty Griffin teamed for an intense cover of his “Refugee” during a benefit show in Seattle. Watch below.

Metalcore / chaotic hardcore pack CODE ORANGE have shared their official music video for “The Mud”. The animated video, which was directed by Dmitry Zakharov and Code Orange’s Shade, is streaming below. Earlier this year Code Orange was announced for Adult Swim’s 2017 Singles Series, which features 52 new tracks from a variety of artists over the course of 52 weeks. The band is currently on a coast-to-coast run of North American dates alongside Gojira and Torche which are set to continue through October 19th with a performance at San Diego, California’s The Observatory North Park.. The band will remain on the road through the end of 2017 performing at an array of U.S. festivals including Monster Energy’s Aftershock (10/21) and Ozzfest Meets Knotfest (11/5). Code Orange’s upcoming tour dates also include two sold out nights at New York City’s Terminal 5 with The Dillinger Escape Plan and Daughters. Tickets for all dates are on sale now. GO HERE to see the details of the trek.

Canadian indie alt rockers WEAVES shared new video for their song “Slicked”, taken from the band’s sophomore album, Wide Open, now available everywhere via Buzz Records, Kanine Records & Memphis Industries. Watch below and go here to see their upcoming tour dates.

The video points an absurdist lens at Weaves’ pursuit of a broad collection of athletic endeavors (often several simultaneously), and applies an array of video manipulation techniques to depict drummer Spencer Cole as a roller blading beer can, guitarist Morgan Waters sliding into home plate from three directions at once, and bassist Zach Bines as a flowing pillar of mesh-clad liquid.

Brighton melodic punk band RIVER JUMPERS are delighted to reveal their new single ‘Thick Blood’ available now through all usual digital platforms. River Jumpers have recently been selected as local support for the London date of the Fuelling The Fire Tour by Fireball UK on Monday 16th October. They will join Matt Stocks, Sweet Little Machine, Mad Caddies, Anti-Flag and Reel Big Fish at the 02 Forum Kentish Town. Tickets are on sale now.

Speaking on the new single, vocalist Nic Davies said:

“Thick Blood is a love letter to my hometown of Liverpool and my adopted home of Brighton where I met the rest of the band and now spend my days. It’s about learning to be proud of who you are and accepting your weaknesses – we’ve all got them”.

Coups de Couteau label has released a new sick split called Six Stab Wounds, a six way offering that gathers six French bands into the wild grindore mixture: NOLENTIA, YATTAI, TINA TURNER FRAISEUR, BORIS VIANDE, GRUNT-GRUNT and VENGEANCE.

Vestigial, the impending third full-length from Sydney, Australia-based post-metal/sludge unit LO!, has been unleashed for streaming! Well-crafted with a larger scope both musically and thematically than previous outings, Vestigial finds the band tighter than ever before boasting a sound that’s seismically heavy yet organic, with a mammoth harmonic density behind their stupefying heavy riffs.

LO! literally made a splash last year with the ingenious video clip for “Orca,” produced by bass player Adrian Shapiro himself: The clip showed vocalist Sam Dillon as a vicious creature emerging from a vat of shiny pink goo, in front of an otherwise completely black background. Pink in metal? The clip went viral over the love-it-or-hate-it discussion that followed… but even the haters had to admit that this clip, premiered via Noisey, Metal Hammer, and Decibel, showed a truly outstanding and innovative approach to visual arts in heavy music.

“LO! has come to remind you of glorious times; times when Mastodon were using samples of Jurassic Park to kick off their records,” wrote Metal Hammer UK on the band’s debut album Look And Behold. And in fact, song titles like “Megafauna” or “Hall Of Extinct Mammals” show that LO! have always been interested in man’s relationship with the natural world. Themes of extinction, circuses, and animal exploitation were explored on the band’s 2015 EP The Tongueless, “so it was a nice lead in to where we are at now on Vestigial,” notes vocalist Sam Dillon, “with a revisit of the outro from the EP as the intro on album number three.”

Chicago pop punkers KNUCKLE PUCK have released a new track from their highly anticipated sophomore album Shapeshifter. “Want Me Around” is the latest gem, showcasing their knack for crunchy chords, muscular choruses and their ability to make every song they write stick in your head. The band will embark on a fall headlining tour with support from Movements, With Confidence and Homesafe. Rise Records will release Shapeshifter on October 13, 2017 and the band has already released the singles “Gone” and “Double Helix” from the album. Shapeshifter is currently available for pre-order through Rise Records. Listen below and go here to see their curtrent live dates.

Richmond, Virginia’s noise pop alt rockers POSITIVE NO premiere new track called “Y​.​A​.​A​.​Y​.​Y.”. New record Partners in the Wild, comes out on October 20th via Little Black Cloud Records. Listen and get more details HERE.<//h5>

Joe McMahon & The Dockineers (SMOKE OR FIRE / Fat Wreck Chords + members of DeeCRACKS, The Gamits, and Midrake) are hitting Switzerland, Austria & Germany next week! Joining them on tour with be Scottish punk poet Billy Liar. It’s Joe’s first full band solo tour in Europe, so be sure to drop by if you’re near.

6/11- Grabenhalle, Saint Gallen, Switzerland – w/ The Bombpops
7/11 – Planetspade, Bern, Switzerland
9/11 – Jellyfish Music Bar, Innsbruck, Austria
10/11 – Music Haus, Graz, Austria
11/11 – Mammut, Klagenfurt, Austria
12/11 – DasBACH, Vienna, Austria
13/11 – Cafe Central, Weinheim, Germany – w/ Tim Vantol
14/11 – Hansa48, Kiel, Germany – Just A Little Bit Dangerous Fest
15/11 – Stummsche Reithalle, Neunkirchen, Germany – w/ Tim Vantol
16/11 – Capri Bar, Bremen, Germany
17/11 – Plan B, Bielefeld, Germany
19/11 – TBA, Munster, Germany

Exploding In Sound Records and Shea Stadium are teaming up to release EIS: Live at Shea Stadium, a collection of live performances handpicked from the DIY venue’s extensive archive of live shows. The LP + CS combine to include tracks from 24 different bands, all of whom have both played at Shea Stadium and released music on the label, both past (Porches, LVL UP, Palehound, Krill) and present (Pile, Bad History Month, Baked, Big Ups), dating as far back as 2012.

After Shea was forced to close it’s doors this Spring, the venue launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with their effort to re-open. While the venue reached it’s fundraising goal in less than a day, ultimiately, their landlord decided to pull the plug on the 20 Meadow St. location. In the true spirit of DIY ethos, this record is a way not only to help raise money to help Shea find a new location, but to show the importance and the impact that these intersecting communities have had on each other. There is a tremendous amount of love and respect between these two factions, who have always worked tirelessly in the name of a thriving underground music scene in NYC and beyond.

A long time coming, this also marks the first live compilation of it’s kind (in physical format) from the venue or the label. The recordings were remixed by the venue’s founder Adam Reich, who has overseen Shea’s massive archive of show recordings from the past eight years and mastered by Mike Tucci.

New Jersey emotive rock band CAN’T SWIM (Pure Noise Records) have released a brand new single called “God Awful”, following the release of the band’s debut album, Fail You Again, which was released earlier this year.

“”God Awful” was recorded when we were doing the sessions for Fail You Again. For one reason or another we decided not to put it on the album. In the last few months, it’s kinda just lived in our emails being played once in a while on shuffle. As time went on, we started kicking ourselves for cutting it and missed playing it at practice. Luckily, the label felt the same way and wanted to release it. Lyrically, it touches on a topic I’ve never covered in any of our other songs so I’m looking forward to singing it every night now that it’s out. So, I guess the moral of the story is, sometimes picking your favorite songs for a record is like picking one of your children as a favorite. But, if one of my kids had a 3 over 4 polyrhythm bridge……..” – Chris LoPorto (vocals/guitar)

Melodic metalcore act 36 CRAZYFISTS have dropped a music video for “Better To Burn,” a track from their 8th wizaralbum, Lanterns.

Dublin experimental, gritty hardcore/metal hybrid DESTRIERS have shared a full stream of their amazing new record ‘Cynosure’, out now on Distro-y Records.

Launching their way onto vinyl, Destriers enter the forum with ‘Cynosure’, a hefty intense bout of blackened hardcore compared to the sound that ‘ran alongside the Boston/Hydra Head scene’. A punishing and unrelenting sound that shows the bands intention from the get go. As Destriers sheer through echoing vaults pounding experimental sound that is as every bit as gripping as it is fierce. Creating an exciting sound from a band that is only set to rise in out of multitude of sounds currently rumbling through the underground.

Mudcake Records, new skate punk / fast melodic hardcore German label / distro has just launched a pre-order for their first release – a vinyl reissue of CONTRA CODE’s 2015 full-length “Wasted Already”. Originally released through themselves on CD and later distributed through Bird Attack Records.

Swedish metalcore act SET BEFORE US are currently in the studio making their first full length album, and they’ve just released their second EP called “Enigmas”. Check it out below, alongside their recent video for the song “Earth Destroyer”.

Scottish pop punks WOES have released a brand new song named “Losing Time“.

“Losing Time is probably the poppiest song we’ve ever written, but I love that about it, it’s a straight pop-punk song that you can sing along to. It has a simple message of not taking the time you spend with your loved ones for granted. We wrote these songs with the idea of playing them to big rooms, we’re super thankful to the dudes in Neck Deep for giving us the opportunity to do that. To a lot of people we’re probably maybe just a tiny name on the flyer, but we’re not coming to these shows to make up the numbers. We’re going to put on a show every night and have a good time doing it. We write songs with the intention of playing them in huge rooms, and this might be our first opportunity to do that, but it certainly won’t be our last.”

Swedish post punk act MAKTHAVERSKAN shared a third track today titled “Comfort” from Ill, their third full-length due out on October 20th through Run For Cover Records / Luxury Records. Pre-order for Ill is now available. Stay tuned for future touring plans!

Deep at the heart of Makthaverskan’s new album Ill lies a burning desire, a longing to find compassion against a global backdrop where love in all its forms feels as if its being sucked from our lives. Led by vocalist Maja Milner’s barbed wail, Ill is Makthaverskan turning their sights on the world at large, chasing hope and understanding in a time when it can seem impossible to find either.

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, the post punk five-piece roused a worldwide following with the single “No Mercy” and the release of their sophomore album II via Boston’s Run For Cover and Sweden’s Luxury Records. The failure of love and loss of innocence that punctuated II and No Mercy’s searing condemnation of “fuck you for fucking me when I was seventeen” however no longer dominate Milner’s worldview on Ill. Here, each new day is a cyclical curse for Milner as she sings on “Leda,” “I wake up feeling worse every day.”

Makthaverskan’s III represents the band’s most focused songwriting, patiently recorded over the last three years as a leaner four-piece with producer Hans Olsson Brookes. Where past records were collections of scattered songs, IIIconveys an intentional cohesion. At the core is Milner’s austere purview. She turns her feminine powers against society, rather than the wreckage of her past, yet still exploring themes of what can and cannot be controlled. “In My Dreams,” takes the perspective of dreams as an opportunity to play out the grand possibilities of love, knowing that once she’s awake they’re out of her hands.

On October 1st, a tribute to Raybeez of NYHC legends WARZONE was held in Tompkins Square Park to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his death. Band members welcomes a bunch of guest vocalists including Walter Schreifels, CIV of GORRILLA BISCUITS, Lou Koller of SICK OF IT ALL, oriignal WARZONE singer Tommy Rat, Dean & Mike of NO REDEEMING SOCIAL VALUE, Freddy Cricien of MADBALL, and more. The show featured sets from KILL YOUR IDOLS, SHUTDOWN, REGULATE, and FIREBURN.

GO HERE to see more videos.

Los Angeles vegan footwear company KEEP has teamed with dreamy alt rockers REAL ESTATE to premiere their unreleased track “In Time”, featured on the limited edition cassette shipped with every pair of the Keep x Real Estate footwear collaboration.

Folksy indie rockers OH GERONIMO have shared a new single/video from their upcoming album The Sled. “No More Stones” is now available for you to check out below.

The band commented:

The song itself is about interpersonal strain. A relationship, whether it’s romantic or platonic, is an ongoing compromise that can get pretty messy when you toss both parties’ aspirations, promises and expectations into the mix.

We tried to bring this idea to life with the video. Relationships are like ropes – they become taut when people drift apart. Companionship is an emotional tug-of-war with unpredictable waves of tension and release. You constantly contemplate holding on or letting go.

San Diego, CA’s heavy hardcore mob WORLD OF PAIN are streaming 2 new tracks from their new seven-track record that “perfectly captures the band’s beatdown style that is hard and heavy, taking cues from Hatebreed, Irate, Cold As Life, Bulldoze and 100 Demons”. “No Utopia” is out on October 23, 2017 via Beatdown Hardwear Records.

Thumper Punk Records is pleased to announce the release of “Every Saint Has a Past, Every Sinner Has a Future”, the latest full-length release from Brazil’s street punk preachers LIVING FIRE! Featuring six songs in English and six in their native Portuguese, Living Fire delivers energetic street punk and Oi! driven by conviction, strength and praise. Living Fire seeks to transmit God’s word to places where it would not be received through conventional means. Saved people sharing their story of forgiveness and redemption through music.

Issue 45 of Stencil Mag has been published fr your reading pleasure. The new issue features interviews from the following: Enter Shikari, Cradle of Filth, Silverstein, Steel Panther, Anti-Flag, Simple Plan, Nothing More, Satyricon, Amenra, The Black Dahlia Murder, FRANK IERO and the PATIENCE, The Movielife, Hot Water Music, Citizen, The Contortionist, Arcane Roots, Roam, Kublai Khan, Blindwish, The Gospel Youth, Impractical Jokers, Matt Ferguson, Clem So, Laurence Campbell!

The magazine’s editor-in-chief commented;

This month our main feature comes from Enter Shikari. They have spent over a decade dominating wherever they choose to take their live performances, and with each album they unleash, their fan base seems to grow even more in the most dedicated and organic way. ‘The Spark’ is a release that shows just how crazily talented Enter Shikari always have been, and once again sounds completely different to anything they’ve done before. This is a record that NEEDS to be heard, and we are extremely excited to be joined by their frontman Rou Reynolds, who tells you everything you need to know about the next chapter of this highly influential band.

If you’ve got Comedy Central then you’ve probably already seen every single episode of Impractical Jokers just by even having it on in the background. The show is a global sensation right now, so it’s no wonder they decided to take it on the road with a full UK tour included in the run this October. So take a read as we chat to Murr to discuss punishments, awkwardness, crydiving, and the incredible response the show has achieved since it first started out! As well as this we talk with Matt Ferguson (graphic artist known for his work with Marvel), Laurence Campbell (known for his comic work on Dredd & Wolverine), Steve Dickson (creator of the awesome Mammothfest), and Clem So (known for his acting work in Spectre, Guardians of The Galaxy, Doctor Strange and MORE!). This issue is absolutely CRAMMED with music and talent to discover or get yourself updated on. So what are you waiting for? Get stuck in!

Vienna Hardcore pack SPIDER CREW (est. 1999, featuring (ex)members of Only Attitude Counts and Bust the Chain) have released their 7th record called “Sounds Of Hatred”. GO HERE to listen. The CD Version came out on Semptember 15th via WTF Records, the Vinyl version (in four limitied colors) will be released in November 2017 in cooperation with Spook Records, Crowd Control Media and Straight From The Heart Records.

Spider Crew sounds technically mature on this record, without losing their original style of (New York) Hardcore and Streetpunk that gains its energy especially by the two shouters Sean and Mike.

For “Sounds of Hatred” spider Crew gathered many big names for features gewinnen (Jorge Rosado (Merauder/Akani), Craig Ahead (Sick of it All), Bob Riley (Stigmata/Murders Row), Dominik Hadek (Companion) to name a few).


‘The Forbidden Spark’, the second single from Hamburg’s post rock act COLLAPSE UNDER EMPIRE‘s new album The Fallen Ones is online! The Fallen Ones will be out on October 20, 2017 via Finaltune Records on all formats.

CLASH magazine notes:

“The Hamburg duo conduct outlandish experiments in aural connectivity, building up an imposing catalogue of post-rock excursions. Chris Burda and Martin Grimm combine to dramatic effect, piecing together a song that is both bleak yet wonderfully atmospheric. Reminiscent of aspects of Mogwai’s work or even Explosions In The Sky, there’s a real grandeur to the sound that completely enthrals.”

White Russian Records has released an amazing punk rock sampler, featuring 18 tracks from bands like ARROW MINDS, SLO W CRUSH, TRAVOLTAS, BRIGHT LIGHTS, as well as the label’s new signings I AGAINST I and Serbian punk rockers SHOPLIFTERS. The Dutch label has been releasing punk rock and hardcore albums since 2005! Be sure to give it a listen.

Silesia, Poland’s NOVEMBER MIGHT BE FINE are streaming their debut LP called “South”. Textured, well decorated and never boring, the record seeps into the deepest parts of the listener and it’s a stunning addition to the genre’s storied and rich catalogue.

As Brazilian krautrock / experimental punk trio DEAFKIDS prepares for this week’s official release of their mind-scorching Configuração Do Lamento 10″ via Neurot Recordings, the entire record is now spinning at Invisible Oranges (and below). DEAFKIDS is booking shows all over Brazil for the rest of the year, with several shows booked in October, a more widespread tour of the country in November, and a slot supporting labelmates Neurosis during the band’s first visit to São Paulo on the 8th of December. Expect further widespread tour news and more over the months ahead.

Alongside an interrogation of the band, Invisible Oranges offers in part,

“DEAFKIDS careen from idea to idea, finding up pieces of krautrock, clanging sampled sounds, digitally manipulated noise freakouts, and percussion jam sessions like some kind of demented globe-trotting katamari. No matter where the music takes them, this group uses the material at hand to hypnotize and entrance. Configuração Do Lamento is a whip-smart record which breezes past the conscious mind and straight for your instincts.”

Indonesian hardcore band STRIKES DOWN have released their debut album and new music video for the track Resist Racism. Watch below and go here to listen to more tracks.

Indie pop punk rockers ALMOST PEOPLE have dropped a new song and video called “All I Was”. The track comes from the band’s forthcoming EP Priorities, which is scheduled to be released through Fevered Visions Records on October 13th.

The classic kings of punk THE ADICTS will unleash their eleventh studio album ‘And So It Was So!’ on November 17th via Arising Empire for Europe and the UK and via Nuclear Blast in the US. Unparalleled with their Clockwork Orange Droog attire, infectious high energy, up-tempo music and unforgettable performances, THE ADICTS are no strangers to the scene having formed in the 1975 in Ipswich, England. These punk legends continue to raise sonic hell. The album was recorded at Pete’s Place in La Habra. Engineering was handled by Tom Arley, Pete Dee and Christopher Brookes. Pete was also in charge of handling the mixing of the record. The artwork for the album was created by the band.

Mmelodic hardcore pack STICK TO YOUR GUNS have dropped another new song called “The Reach For Me: ‘Forgiveness Of Self'”, coming from the band’s upcoming album, True View, due out on October 13 through Pure Noise Records.

Mike Frazier, a singer-songwriter from Winchester, VA that blends americana punk with the roots music of the Shenandoah Valley, has teamed up with his band THE DYING WILD to release their debut LP entitled “Elegy”. They’re streaming one new song called “San Francisco” and the full thing is due out November 17, 2017 on A-F Records.

WE have already reported it, but it’s never enough. As announced a few weeks ago, only five months after the release of their last album ‘Tando Ashanti’, Danish Hardcore/Crust/PostBlackMetal terrors HEXIS officially released a brand new EP called ‘XII’ for 10′ vinyl & Digital through Division Records (Closet Disco Queen, Papertank, Process Of Guilt, Unfold…), Moment Of Collapse Records (Cranial, Heaven In Her Arms, Meraine, Red Apollo, etc,..), Crown & Throne Ltd (Primitive Man) et Truthseeker Music (Howl, Human Future, Yards…). On this new 5 songs EP available right now for full stream on Bandcamp, Hexis strikes harder, hit faster and takes no prisoner.

Alt indie rockers THE SMITHS have shared a previously unreleased demo of their song “I Know It’s Over”, coming from the band’s forthcoming deluxe reissue of their third The Queen Is Dead, due out October 20th via Warner Bros. The box set includes a remastered edition of the album, demos and rarities, their 1986 Boston gig, and a DVD.

Heavy, groovy hardcore pack ELEPHANTS have unleashed the full stream of their new record ABUSE / POWER / FAME, out now on Knives Out Records. Check it out below and catch them live on European tour with PRO-PAIN!

ELEPHANTS is playing a heavy groovy hardcore with influences like Suburban Scum, Expire and Reign Supreme. After more than 100 shows in France, Belgium and Switzerland a second album « Abuse/ Power/ Fame » will be out soon. Also an european tour with
Worst and a Canadian tour are already booked. sharing stages with such notable acts as Crowbar, Get The Shot, First Blood, xRepentancex, Take Offense, Providence, Foreseen and many other.

Swedish pop punk rockers ABANDONED BY BEARS (interviewed for IDIOTEQ in 2013, now on Victory Records) has delivered a previously unreleased track, an absolutely infectious cover of THE JACKSON 5’s “I Want You Back.” The smooth Motown classic smacks you in the face with a dose of easycore, then kisses it and makes it all better with its worldly recognized lyrics. The track comes as the Swedish punk mob begin their inaugural UK tour this weekend.

Grungy emo rockers MUSKETS have released a video for their latest single ‘You’re So Cool’. The track comes from their upcoming debut album, ‘Chew’, to be released on the 20th October via No Sleep Records.

Indiana emo punks WE LOVE YOU release new song “I Must Be Complete”, a tender and emotional song that’s sure to touch your heart strings. Listen below and be sure to check out their last year’s release “My Emperor, I’ve Failed You” on Near Mint Records.

Marion, IN trio We Love You’s previous releases combined hardcore punk’s unwieldy energy with the measured potency of true Midwestern emo – at its core, this was an indie-rock project shouting over its own shaky disposition. ‘My Emperor, I’ve Failed You’ eschews the band’s comfort zones for something a galaxy away could only compose, like the four-on-the-floor space-pop stomp of “Lovestruck Cat Face” or the slow climb of “The Arwing Might Not Make It.” It’s clear this EP is still the product of the same members, but the kinetics burn brightest with its atmospheres, not its emotions.

Ontario punk rockers THE FLATLINERS have launched their own podcast called “Carry The Banner”. You can find it on iTunes or Soundcloud.

They commented:

“As a podcast lover, I’d be remiss if I let the opportunity of chatting with the great friends we’ve made through music and other endeavours pass me by as we trot the globe in the name of rock n roll. So I give you Carry The Banner – a podcast born from the idea that music, friendship, positivity, and a little bit of comedy will always make for great entertainment. I’m fired up to be able to share some great stories and insightful conversations with you all, and also just to see where this thing goes.”

Brooklyn, New York by way of Florida indie punk trio SAFETY, just released a music video for their song “Ultraviolet Light.” The track comes from their latest album Congratulate Me, I’ve Lost My Mind which was released by Community Records.

“Safety has been a band for 15 years now, and we feel that our video for ‘Ultraviolet Light’ captures the je ne sais quoi that has made being in this band so fun and rewarding.” – Andy Diaz

Italian ‘trapcore’ band BACKSIDE have dropped a new single and video called “Look At Me”, one of the most famous song of the american rapper XXXTENTACION, rearranged by the band.

Weeks after being charged with kidnapping and gang raping a woman, two members of metal band DECAPITATED have been extradited to the scene of the alleged crime and transported from Los Angeles County to Spokane County in Washington state. All members were arrested following their Sept. 9 performance in Santa Ana, CA, while on tour with THY ART IS MURDER. GO HERE to read more about this case.

LA punk rockers EMMER EFFER have just released their debut full-length album, From The Bottom Down, via Felony Records and you can stream it below! The band will celebrate the release of the new record and the 20th Anniversary of their label Felony Records, with a show at South Bay Customs in El Segundo, CA on Friday, October 13.

Texas metalcore / metallic hardcore band KUBLAI KHAN have released their latest music video for “B.C.” from the new album Nomad, available now on Rise Records.

Metalcore act OBEY THE BRAVE have shared their new video for ‘Mad Season’, the title track from their new album, released earlier this year via Epitaph Records and available for streaming at this location. Catch the band live in Europe alongside STRAY FROOM THE PATH, CAPSIZE and RENOUNCED througout October. GO HERE to see the dates.

San Francisco’s psych post punk/hardcore tinged stoner rock/metal trio DISASTROID have shared the full stream of their amazing new record “Screen”, a fine display of mature metal from still young band that obviously has both the will and the skills to go big.

A decade into existence, Disastroid carries on through the efforts of Enver Koneya (vocals/guitars), Travis Williams (bass), and Braden McGaw (drums) and their combined love of Godzilla, EHX products and the Man’s Ruin Records catalog. Since then till’ now, Disastroid is a staple and heralded force in their local heavy music community. Screen continues their habit of changing their sound with each release, making it difficult to narrowly classify these guys. Too fast to be sludge, not heavy enough for stoner rock and too metal for grunge, you’ll get the idea upon first listen or just take it from Enver’s words.

Legendary grunge punk rockers L7 have released a new single called Dispatch (Donita Sparks and Suzi Gardner’s first collaboration in 18 year), coming from their new record Mar-a-Lago, available on Don Giovanni Records.

A raucous, bombastic party rock anthem for the sinking Titanic, it is a sardonic yet joyous middle finger of a track that sits somewhere between “Anarchy in the U.K.” and “Springtime for Hitler”.

Punk rock / pop rock veterans THE OFFSPRING have unveiled that their new record will be released next year. It will mark their 10th record and their first since 2012’s Days Go By.

Canadian psychobilly punk rockers THE BRAINS (People Like You Records) are touring Europe now!

29.09. Hamburg – Monkeys (Germany)
30.09. Copenhagen – High Voltage (Denmark)
01.10. Hannover – SubKultur (Germany)
02.10. Pfarrkirchen – Bogaloo (Germany)
03.10. Dresden – Chemiefabrik (Germany)
05.10. Siegen – Vortex (Germany) NEW
06.10. Osnabrück – Bastard Club (Germany)
07.10. Frankfurt – Das Bett (Germany)
08.10. Berlin – Trinkteufel (Germany)

Melodic death metal act THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER unveiled the full stream of their new record Nightbringers, available now via Metal Blade Records.

The record marks the band’s 8th studio full length and will be supported on a North American tour from October 6 through November 11, alongside SUFFOCATION, DECREPIT BIRTH, NECROT, WORMWITCH and EXHUMED.

NJ-based rockers LKFFCT have launched a full stream of their new record Dawn Chorus, out October 6th via Sniffling Indie Kids. The album premiered along with a track by track breakdown from the band on Impose Magazine who called it, “one of our favorite releases of fall 2017 so far.”​

Dawn Chorus is the band’s most expansive record yet, not only in length but in the use of wide-ranging instruments, genres, and topics laid out across the album’s 38 minutes. Look at the first three tracks: “Hatchling,” A droney head-spinning psychedelic number into “Down The Road,” breakneck ska/punk into “Anesthesia,” glistening 70s esque pop.

Arizona emo post hardcore punk rockers SCARY KIDS SCARING KIDS (2002-2010) will be re-issuing their debut EP, After Dark on vinyl. The record will feature four previously unreleased bonus tracks.

The band’s vocalist Tyson Stevens overdose heroin at the age of 29 and was found dead on October 20th, 2014.

Chino Moreno of the DEFTONES says he likes Stephen Carpenter’s riffs and admits that riffs and the way that the band’s drummer Abe plays drums is the very essence of what the band does and he wants to bring that to the forefront on their next record. GO HERE to see the video interview for REVOLVER.

Death metal / deathcore act THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD have debuted a third new single from their new record Disomus called “Teras.” The track features former vocalist Nate Johnson. Listen below and stay tuned for the full record on October 13, 2017.

Noise rock / post hardcore legends THE JESUS LIZARD will be playing reunion shows (their first in 8 years) in December. See the details below and go here to checkm out their recent interview with Noisey magazine.

12/8 – Cannery Ballroom – Nashville, TN
12/9 – Metro – Chicago, IL
12/10 – Irving Plaza – New York, NY
12/14 – The Fonda Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
12/15 – The Independent – San Francisco, CA
12/16-17 – Day For Night Festival – Houston, TX

Next week, San Diego death grinders CATTLE DECAPITATION will headline the MetalSucks and Exclaim! Aggressive Tendencies Presents: The North American Extinction Tour Part II: Inhuman Beings, featuring REVCATION, FULL OF HELL, and ARTIFICIAL BRAIN as support. The journey begins October 10th in Los Angeles, California and will run through November 21st in San Francisco, California. Tijuana, Mexico’s mad doctors of gore, THANATOLOGY, replace FULL OF HELL as support on the first three dates. GO HERE for all confirmed shows.
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