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KING SLENDER’s Ode to THE CARDIGANS: a nostalgic Halloween treat

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This Halloween, opting to step into the shoes of another iconic band, King Slender, an emerging band known for their last release “Gold Days,” has unveiled a nostalgic cover of The Cardigans’ hit song, “Hanging Around.”

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. With this year marking the 25th anniversary of The Cardigans’ revered album “Gran Turismo,” the cover is both a timely homage and a fresh take on a classic. The Cardigans have been a significant influence for King Slender, and this cover is their way of paying respect while adding their own unique flair.

However, the band faced one challenge: capturing the enchanting vocals that The Cardigans are known for. King Slender’s members humorously admit their vocal limitations, but their solution was nothing short of brilliant. They collaborated with Krista Diem from the much-loved band LAPêCHE. Krista’s vocals have breathed new life into “Hanging Around,” making it both familiar and refreshingly new.

The track, which dropped on Halloween, is available on popular music platforms like Bandcamp, Spotify, and YouTube.

Unlike most commercial releases, King Slender’s cover is an independent endeavor, devoid of label constraints. It’s purely a labor of love and a testament to their admiration for The Cardigans.

After a successful year supporting “Gold Days” through various shows and contributing to the “Coma Regalia tribute benefit compilation – The One Who Became Many” released by Zegema Beach Records, King Slender isn’t slowing down.

They’re already in the process of writing and demoing songs for their next release, with recording sessions slated for early 2024.


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