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Top 5 bands resonating beyond New York City, by CRONIES

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From the evocative notes of jazz that once echoed through Harlem’s alleyways to the rebellious anthems of punk rock from the Bowery, New York City has always been a crucible for groundbreaking sounds. In this vast soundscape, a new name has recently risen to our attention. Cronies, a band with roots deeply embedded in the heart of Brooklyn, has in a short span, managed to capture the essence of New York’s eclectic spirit. Their music, a harmonious blend of indie rock, post hardcore, blues infused noise rock, is as diverse as the city they hail from. Each song tells a story – a love letter to the city, its people, and the myriad of experiences it offers.

Their sound, a hypnotic concoction of scorched tones and visceral vocals, feels like a nostalgic nod to icons like Rage Against The Machine, Helmet, and the Beastie Boys. Yet, it carries an electrifying modern twist, reminiscent of bands like Turnstile and Show Me The Body.

Lambgoat lauds them for their “classic punked-up, grungy rock,” evoking the spirit of a wild skateboard ride on a sun-drenched day. The ceaseless locomotion of the drums, combined with the crunchy textures of the guitar and emotive vocals, paints a picture of youthful rebellion. As New Noise magazine aptly puts it, Cronies might be channeling the noise-punk vibe of the ’90s, but their avant-garde spin positions them alongside modern counterparts like Show Me The Body and Venus Twins.

Their new album, “L1V3 S1CK0 L0V3 F3ST,” set to be released under the Reptilian label, promises to be a tour de force. The first single, “Rentboy,” exemplifies the band’s prowess. It’s a four-and-a-half-minute rollercoaster, packed with attitude, monumental hooks, and a groove reminiscent of early Rage Against The Machine. But this is just the beginning. The entire album promises a seamless blend of melodies that draw you in and tones that jolt you awake.

Vocalist Brad Hoyt describes Cronies’ dual nature: one hand offers an alluring melody while the other delivers a visceral punch. Their music captures the duality of the human experience, the yin and yang of life. This balance between the melodic and the abrasive is reminiscent of bands like Helmet and Nirvana, yet Cronies remain distinctly contemporary.

Bassist and vocalist, Shea Glasheen, emphasizes the band’s roots in today’s NYC music scene, drawing inspiration from peers and friends.

Lyrically, Cronies delve into the present-day American experience. Hoyt’s lyrics are a reflection of today’s societal contradictions, addressing the hypocrisy of media narratives, the blind worship of the elite, and the stark realities of life in America in 2023. The album, their second full-length release following their 2021 self-titled debut, promises to be both a musical and lyrical exploration of modern life.

Today, we’re giving a nod to this great new release and the city of New York with the band’s special list of top 5 NYC bands worth a check!

Top 5 NYC Bands of Today – by CRONIES

Cohort B

Go see this band for many reasons, but one being that their drummer is half army, half jazz head and is the wildest motherfucker in the scene, All killer, no filler.

YWHW Nailgun

Best drummer in the scene. This band is doing what all the rest of the bands wish they could. Mystical shit.

Lip Critic

They don’t need any introduction. Vocalist always doubles as a weatherman. Great band. Catch them on tour with Screaming Females this October.

On Pink

The cutest band in Brooklyn with the sickest guitar player ever. Classic rock for nerds who like Don Cab.


The sonic equivalent of chewing on nails for hours in a haunted house run by a bunch of guys from Long Island. Makes The Locust look like a bunch of pussies.

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