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KINGPIN: raw and hassle-free

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Glasgow is one of Europe’s most exciting destinations, no doubt about it. It feels so good to find out it holds such amazing people as Lev, the vocalist for the metallic hardcore / crossover band KINGPIN! Mark my words, this guy is crazy as hell, very open minded and willing to talk about all kinds of issues. You won’t get much sleep after reading this!

Influenced by MERAUDER, LIFE OF AGONY and WU-TANG-CLAN, KINGPIN  recently released their debut 3-track demo for free download and streaming. It’s raw, it’s harsh and it’s everything you could have hoped from a metallic/crossover demo tape. Temperamental,  aggressive, straight up, with no bullshit attached.

Press the play button and dive into my interview with Lev below. Have fun :)

Hi there Lev! What’s UP?

What’s up? Hospital outpatient numbers across the country are up since we released our demo, THAT’S what’s up! KINGPIN are gonna be singlehandedly responsible for the next NHS funding crisis with the amount of folk having to get broken bones bandaged up from mosh-related injuries and getting whiplash treatment from mass amounts of headbanging while listening to our music, haha. Besides that, what’s also up is my cholesterol level because I went to a friend’s wedding last night and somehow managed to eat no less than THREE plates of chicken and haggis all by myself. In the words of Dave Chappelle as Samuel Jackson – “MMM MMM, BITCH”. But anyway, enough about me – how YOU doin’, buddy?

Dude, I’m doin’ my website projects at work, thinking of my to-be-born-soon daughter (!), listening to your new demo and wondering… here I am, starting off an interview ad trying to get as much as possible from rough, aggressive heavy sound murderers out of Glasgow. You’re not gonna take me down, will ya? ;)

We won’t need to take you down, man… You keep listening to our demo with your pregnant baby momma around and that kid will come SPIN-KICKING out the womb and take you out FOR us, haha. Congratulations, though, by the way! Name your child after us and we MAY spare you! I know “KINGPIN” isn’t a very traditional girl’s name, but fuck it. Those are our terms.

I’ll try to negotiate it with the mom later today, I promise.

Ok, so tell me more about this new rough recording of yours. How on Earth did you decide to present it in this bloody harsh way? What was the purpose of recording it that way?

We find ourselves mostly listening to older stuff from the 80s and 90s… You know, the classic stuff by CRO-MAGS, MERAUDER, AGNOSTIC FRONT, S.O.D., SICK OF IT ALL, FURY OF FIVE… We go to a lot of newer bands’ shows, but for some reason when it comes to sitting down and listening to music everyone in KINGPIN tends to get drawn back to the old stuff. New bands just don’t hold our attention on record as well as the classics, and we think it’s because SO much time and money is spent on production nowadays that the “rawness” you get from music played live is lost somewhere in the process. So we thought we would strip the recording process right back and put the focus on just quickly and easily getting our music recorded and out there. Neevo, or guitarist, owns a beat-up old 8-track recorder that he taught himself how to use and he just brought that to a few band rehearsals to record us all playing our parts, and that was it. There was no “qualified sound engineer” or fancy mixing desks at any point in the recording of our demo – it was just us playing our songs with a little box there to capture the noise we make, and that’s about it! We hoped this would help “capture lightning in a bottle” and represent the rough sound of a live hardcore band that often gets lost in layers and layers of production. And it was cheap as well – the recording and online release of our demo only cost us about £25 in total for the hire of a room to record drums and vocals in – and that suits us fine because we like doing things in whatever we can that leaves us with as much burrito money as possible. The sound of the KINGPIN demo is just the rare sound of four angry bastards dreaming of wrapping people round pillars and shouting and spitting in your earholes with no people or computers getting in the way!

Yeah man. Fuck polished sound! :)

Would you consider giving your next record fancy production and professional mastering?

The stripped-back, insular recording methods we used for the demo gave us the perfect sound for introducing ourselves to the world and letting people know we’re hittin’ ya upside the head with a raw, old-school attitude, but we know that there’s a limit to what we can do ourselves. We’d probably want our next release to be something you can crank the volume right up to 11 on without distorting the quality too much, and we’ll probably need to hit an actual recording studio and get the expertise of an engineer to help us achieve that! Anyone we work with on a future release will have to be someone who knows what we’re into and is into it as well, though. We still don’t want any man or machine fucking with our sound. Would we have any “fancy production”…? Well, it depends what you consider “fancy”. Burping into a PC microphone to the rhythm of “Macarena” and shaking a box of Tic-Tacs to keep time would probably be considered “fancier” than how we recorded the demo, haha. But no matter what we do, we’ll be trying to keep it as in-your-face and all about capturing that live sound as possible. We won’t be recording 63 guitar tracks with the London Symphony Orchestra playing in the background or anything!

:D Damn, it supposed to be my next question.. bummer!

Ok Lev. Has your lineup changed somehow over the years? … oh damn sorry, you haven’t had your one year anniversary yet! Rookies!

Haha! KINGPIN may be a relatively new band, but its members are wizened old hands at the metal and hardcore game! We’ve been in different bands separately for yeeeeeeears and have come together to teach the ACTUAL rookies what REALNESS is all about! I’m going to shows now and there are these 17 year old vocalists trying to tell me how tough life is and what a struggle it is to survive… Some of these new bands on the UK hardcore scene just now are AWESOME, but what struggles have they really undergone at such a young age? They’re barely out the womb! But me…? I’m 29 years old, kid. I KNOW what struggling and being tough is REALLY all about. My car has an MOT safety check coming up next week but it has a slow puncture, a broken light and the exhaust is hanging on by a bit of fuckin’ rope. THAT’S hardship, y’all. I only had to get ONE more stamp on my Nando’s loyalty card to get a free whole chicken, but when I tried to use it they told me that they stopped doing the old style loyalty cards and I couldn’t get my free chicken. THAT’S that real shit. KINGPIN are here to spit real talk and teach The Kids what’s REALLY up in the 2K13, understand that! DON’T FORGET THE STRUGGLE, DON’T FORGET THE STREETS! Haha.

Seriously, though, the lineup has been pretty stable in the 4 months or so since we first got properly going, though we did actually try out some other drummers before Den came along and completed the current lineup. Before Den sat on the stool for us we actually had a Polish dude named Szymon on the sticks. I used to play in a HELMET / LIFE OF AGONY influenced groove metal band called SENZAFINE with Szymon, so it felt natural to bring an old friend in for a tryout when we started KINGPIN. His style was a bit TOO metal and centered on technicality for what we do, though, so it didn’t work out with him. Szymon now plays drums in a sort of dissonant-sounding “post-hardcore” band called WINTERS who just released an awesome EP that everyone should check out, by the way! As for us, though – as soon as Den sat down behind the kit, we knew he was the right man for us. Den has been playing in UKHC bands for over a decade – notably, the mighty EVISCERATE AD and ROUGH JUSTICE – and as soon as he matched his hard-hitting groove with Neevo’s ferocious guitar riffs a beautiful baby was born!


Would that be your answer to the question about how you guys formed? or would you like to add anything else?

Also, speaking of the Polish dudes. Do you have a lot of my homies out there? Are they a pain in the ass like almost everywhere we, the Poles, are? ;)

Yo, there’s MAD Polish people in Scotland! Just SO MANY of you guys here. I like you, though… Polish people are often a little “off-centre”… Like, a wee bit weird and eccentric… But in a cool way. You guys have a lot of energy and grow some pretty innovative facial hair, haha. I’m straightedge but my bandmates reliably inform me that Poles are the only people in the world who can drink us Scots under the table! And you LOVE MADBALL! It’s always fun going to see MADBALL up here because there’s always loads of crazy drunken Poles shouting “MEDDBELL!!!!” in their crazy drunken Polish accents throughout the show, haha. I’ve got a question for YOU, though – why the fuck are so many Polish people BALD? Is this a Polish fashion thing or do all those pickled cucumbers you crazy bastards love to eat so much just lead to premature hair loss?!?

As for the band origin thing… It’s maybe worth also noting that we were originally gonna be called “MEGAZORD” – because we came together from bits and pieces of other bands, like the robot in Power Rangers is formed by bits and pieces of other robots – but Gary, our bassist, suggested “KINGPIN” and the name stuck. We’re big Leeway fans and some of us are also huge comic buffs, so “KINGPIN” comes from the LEEWAY song of the same name and also from the Marvel comics super villain of the same name.

Dude, we’re simply occult community of Bruce Willis fanatics. Simple as that. Die Hard has just hit theaters here, so it’s a top hairdo now.


Back to the “rookies” faux pas, how old are you guys?

There’s a good spread of age and experience between KINGPIN – our oldest member is just a couple of years shy of being old enough to have legally been the father of our youngest member! And they’re both about as ugly as each other, too, so there may even be something in that! Drummer Den’s the oldest at 36 years old, then it’s me at 29, followed by Neevo the guitarist who’s 25 and then bassist Gary is the baby of the group at only 22… But Gary can grow a beard faster and better than any of us. That kid can go from “clean shaven” to “Rocky IV training montage” in about a day and be full-on “ZZ Top” by the end of the week. Shit’s insane.

Damn.. I remember MEN AS TREES playing Warsaw a few years ago… they were like 18 years old and had such huge beards. They literally couldn’t make it through the door. I even did a super fast one-question interview with them and asked why American men grow facial hair so freakin’ fast. They said something about “not shaving no matter how bad you look”… can’t remember the full interview though.

Lev, how did you end up singing? You hold an extremely responsible position and role within the band, do you realize that?

Aye, it’s my job to try to remember all those bloody words I write and also to not eat too much spicy food before playing so I don’t end up hiccuping through the whole set. I’m learning! I’ve actually been a bass player in all of my previous bands… But people would always tell me how much they liked “my bit” when I did the odd backing vocal or verse in my old bands’ songs, and I’ve always been the first guy any local band would call up when they’re looking for help with getting a big booming gang vocal sound, so when KINGPIN was coming together, I thought “fuck it, I may as well give it a bash as an actual vocalist”. Like I said, this is the first band I’ve done nothing but vocals in, so I’m still figuring-out my style and my vocal strengths and weaknesses – I think I even already sound a wee bit different when we play live now than I did on the demo we recorded just two months ago – but I’m enjoying finding my feet as a frontman. I’m NOT enjoying the sore throats that come with all this hollerin’, though! I’m having to knock back cups of honey tea with extra honey to ease the pain on the regular! I was doubtful when people told me honey would help my sore throat, but it legit amazed me when I tried it. I can’t believe EATING SOMETHING actually makes me FEEL BETTER… It’s like being in a video game, haha. And it’s delicious, too! I might be addicted now. If my local shop ever runs out of honey, I might just run around, like, capturing and milking bees or whatever.

Aren’t you a food-and-spices heretic?? Didn’t you know that? What’s your favorite chow? ;)

I LOVE spicy food which is why it’s so hard for me to get to grips with not being able to eat it before hitting the stage on the day of a show. It was fine to chow down on whatever I wanted when I played bass in bands, but now I’m a vocalist and have to bring up all the anger from the pit of my stomach when I play… And try NOT to bring up a little bit of puke in the process! We’re a band who love to eat in general, though, and we talk about food a lot. We’ve ALL put on a little weight since this band started, I think, and it’s probably because 99% of our band e-mails have nothing to do with music and everything to do with “GUYS, I JUST HIT UP THIS NEW BURGER PLACE, YOU ALL NEED TO TRY THIS”, haha. My favourite food is a chicken or chilli beef burrito with all the trimmings – sour cream, cheese, guac, chipotle salsa, THE WORKS – but the most recent munch to blow my socks off was a crispy fried chicken burger cooked in chorizo butter and topped with chipotle mayo and and paprika gravy. AWW, MAN. SO good. But let’s not talk any more about food in case I turn into a slabbering mess, haha.

Deal. Let’s go back to KINGPIN and your early punk days :) What made you want to play hardcore in the first place?

It’s hard to say what makes us want to play hardcore without spitting-out a bunch of clichés… But, personally I’ve been a fan of a SHITLOAD of other music – metal, hip-hop and all sorts of stuff from Bruce Springsteen to Billy Joel and a lot of others in-between – but hardcore is probably what best fits my mentality in terms of both sound and attitude. The heaviness/dynamics of metal mixed with the considered snarl of punk, that’s what speaks to me and I think that’s just what comes out when the 4 of us get together and play music. So there’s that, and there’s also that our Shania Twain covers band just wasn’t working out so we had to find SOMETHING else to play and hardcore was the easiest.

Considering punk music, is it important to develop your musical skills?

I think that, with ANY band regardless of genré, it’s important to try to incorporate new sounds and ideas into your music, and part of that is most likely going to involve developing your proficiency on your instruments. I don’t think it’s important to “show-off” what you can do for the sheer fucking sake of it, as has been the trend with a lot of stuff in the metal scene over the past few years, because that gets boring and no-one wants to hear you play harmonised twin guitar solos for 4 minutes. Well, maybe some people do, but I don’t. In punk and hardcore, I want to hear heart, I want to hear spirit, and I want to hear some musical growth over time. It’s only natural that people become better musicians the longer that they play, and if you learn to do something cool and technical then by all means fire it into your songs if it sounds good… But I don’t think it’s “important” to develop skill alone. What’s IMPORTANT is to develop a personality, and express that personality through music however you feel most appropriate. In my worthless opinion, anyway.

Kingpin screen 03

As KINGPIN, how many gigs have you already played?

We SHOULD have played like a gajillion shows by now, but for the first few months it seemed like we had a legit curse and every time we were supposed to play it would get cancelled somehow or other. One time we even made it all the way to the day of the show without it being cancelled, the three bands on before us even got to finish their sets, and JUST as WE were about to play… The po-po shut us down! Cops turned up and busted the venue for not having an entertainment licence or some shit like that. Apparently that wasn’t true, though. Word has it that the Five-O were actually driving around the block with a “Mosh-O-Meter” and the thing was giving readings well above the legal limit in anticipation of the first Kingpin performance, but I guess we’ll never know the truth! We’ve dispelled the curse and played a whopping TWO shows as Kingpin so far, though the horizon looks busy for us now that we’ve “broken our seal”.

Haha, awesome! :) Would you share some details on the upcoming gigs?

Coming up in October we’re playing something called “Face Melter IV” up in somewhere called “Fort William”… Details on that are sparse for me – I’m just the vocalist! – but I understand that Fort William is just a funny name for a town in the north of Scotland and sadly not an ACTUAL fort. I had high hopes of riding out on stage on top of a cannon ‘n’ shit, but I guess that won’t be happening. In fact, nah, fuck ’em… We’ll bring a shitload of pillows and MAKE an actual fort in Fort William! After that, still in October, we’re back in Glasgow representing hardcore on a mixed bill which also includes a death metal band and a hip-hop band as part of Oxjam, which is a month-long music festival here in the UK with proceeds from the shows going to charity. Those are our two most immediate shows, but just beyond that Den informs me we’re also scheduled to be on the bill for our buds in HEAVY HANDS‘ release show for their record “Guttersnipe Justice” which is coming out through Pinky Swear and Thanks For Nothing Records. Anyone into old HATEBREED, MADBALL or BITTER END needs to check out HEAVY HANDS, they’re one of the best bands in Scotland right now and I’m psyched to play with ’em again. We have some other pretty cool stuff coming up that’s waiting to be confirmed as well… We’re gonna be pretty busy, but also looking to play more shows anywhere we can. So if any promoters are reading this and wanna book KINGPIN, DO IT – [email protected]!

Sounds local. Speaking of forts… Are there no plans to hit the mainland Fortress Europe? :)

Not yet, but I’m looking forward to branching out across Europe soon enough. I got familiar with a lot of the bands in the Euro scene when I used to go to the Pressure Fest shows in Germany a few years back, and I also got to catch some local shows and get to know a few people on a trip to Belgium a few years back, and the attitude of hardcore fans across the rest of Europe seems a lot more “switched on” and passionate in general than in a lot of places in the UK. Someone linked me to the demo of a band called INCITEMENT from your neck of the woods the other day, actually, and it was awesome! Do us a solid and tell someone in Poland to book KINGPIN to come over and play with INCITEMENT! Once we have time we’ll definitely make an effort to go out to the rest of Europe so we can sample your cuisine and hear the lamentations of your women.

Great! I’ll let the guys know. Actually, I interviewed them, too :)

Speaking of foreign gigs, do you travel within the UK a lot? The English scene seem to stand out these days. Last week’s Outbreak Fest, Carry The Weight Fest, and lots of other cool initiatives are just one of the many examples of how thriving it is. What’s your view on the punk network and its activities in the neighbouring countries?

Oh, and by the way, why The Scottish hate The English? :)

Oh yeah, I’m always traveling all over the place for the music I love! NinjaFest is happening in London next month with a bill crammed full of great hardcore bands from around the UK, a bunch from other corners of Europe and a couple from the USA as well, and I fully intend to head down to that. The punk and hardcore network is cool because… Even though there’s quite a disparate sound across a lot of different bands within the “punk” scene – with more metallic bands sometimes sitting right next to bands who sound closer to folk music than anything else – it’s more about attitude than anything, and I guess that’s where people connect. You know that, when you move in “punk” and “hardcore” circles, you’re PROBABLY dealing with like minded people who are into what they’re into and don’t really give a fuck what anyone else is doing or what anyone else thinks of it. Everyone is pretty chilled and on a similar personality wavelength and I think that’s what makes it a little easier for bands with a “punk” ethic to network across countries and around the world. Like I said to you earlier, I traveled to Belgium a few years back and while I was there I went to see a local hardcore show, and the vocalist of a band who were playing called PUSHED TOO FAR gave me and my friend a room to crash in while we were staying there. He also already knew a lot of people I knew because they’d played shows in the UK with bands I was friends with and whatnot. So here I was, in this country I’d never been to before, and this guy I’d never met before was willing to give me a place to stay and talk away to me about mutual friends like we’d been hanging in the same circles for years, just because of punk rock. That’s pretty cool. Unlike The English, who most certainly are NOT cool! I joke… I don’t think us Scots “HATE” The English… Well, I certainly don’t, anyway… I just feel sorry for them. They have more than ten times the amount of people in their country than we do, but their population consists of 53 million useless lumps! I mean, without Scotland there would be no penicillin, MRI scanner, telephone, television, flushing toilet, toaster, fridge… The list goes on and on. But what has England ever given to the world..? Simon Cowell…? In fact, I’ve changed my mind. I think I do hate them.

Hahaha :D I can’t believe you can’t add the best distilleries in the world to your pro Scottish list ;) It’s insane.

Ok, matey. I liked that joke about your demo, saying that everyone who can’t handle its harsh production, should wait for the 15 year anniversary remastered version in 2028 :D How far into the future are you looking with KINGPIN?

I’m sure we’ll call it a day if we ever have a drastic lineup change or sharp turn in musical direction, but I reckon people will definitely be riding in hovercars driven by android chauffeurs to KINGPIN shows at a venue on Mars, downloading our newest record to the microchips implanted in their brain and other crazy future shit like that one day.

Are you a fan of science fiction?

In the words of “Macho Man” Randy Savage… “OOOOHHH YEEEAHHHH”~!! Movies-wise I love old monster films like the original Godzilla, and I think Pacific Rim is probably my fave new movie of 2013. I also dig the usual 80s and 90s action/sci-fi stuff with the boss pre-CG special effects they used to have. The original Total Recall MIGHT be my favourite film ever. I don’t let my interest in sci-fi, fantasy and horror inform what I do with KINGPIN very often, but the song title “Bitches Leave” is actually a direct quote from RoboCop, haha. I’m probably destroying any credibility my band might have had as a dumbfuck mosh band by admitting this, but I also read quite a lot… Science fiction wise I like hard, old-school stuff like Arthur C. Clarke and I also like off-the-wall mindfuck type shit like Philip K. Dick.

Nice, bro. I’m in the middle of Clarke’s Imperial Earth. I simply love his ideas of our future world. You should definitely check out my homie Stanislaw Lem and his incredible visions and analyses. Movie-wise, there are cool early visions of I Am Legend horror novel: The Last Man on Earth and The Omega Man, both waiting for me on my PC. I think I’ve seen like 90% of science fiction movies and documentaries about the cosmos / the universe ;) I wonder how Sandra and George will do in this new joint (here or here).

Also, I’ve recently come across this list, I guess there are a few ones worth seeing.

I’ve seen a lot of the movies on that list… I saw Galaxy Quest sort of by accident a few months back when I went to a “surprise secret sci-fi movie night” hosted by local comic book writer Mark Millar – probably best known as the guy who did Kick-Ass – in the cinema and it turned out to be Galaxy Quest. I expected it to be cheesy garbage but it was actually a lot of fun! Dark City is on that list as well… I remember someone put that on at a party I was at when I was 17 and I got totally sucked into it. When everyone else fell asleep I put the movie back on to watch it back myself in peace, haha. I loved the ending! It probably won’t seem like much of an original twist in 2013, but when I first saw Dark City 12 years ago it blew my mind. I’ve actually also read all about Stanislaw Lem recently, despite not having read any of his books, haha. You got one in particular you’d recommend? Should I start with the obvious, EG Solaris?

Definitely. Solaris, The Invincible, Fiasco, Peace On Earth, Memoirs of a Space Traveler, Eden (Helen & Kurt Wolff Book), etc. Read ‘em all god damn it! ;)

The Tales of Pirx the Pilot’s afterword made me realize that I’ve just read an amazing set of gritty toned stories about robot/human weaknesses, one’s advantage over another and the threat of technology, even though I thought it was too homely.

Anyway, he’s really amazing. Isaac Asimov is next – highly recommended by all the sci-fi freaks and some of my trusted friends :)

I love the RoboCop inspiration. Not stepping away from the music too much, is there a particular message you want to spread? Can you give some background on the content of your tunes?

Even though my head is up in the stars when it comes to my movie, book and comic tastes, I come right back down to Earth when it comes to my music and I like to think this is reflected in the words I write for my own band. KINGPIN’s message is just real life, everyday stuff… It may not be anything lyrically groundbreaking, but it’s a release for me. “Former Glory” is about people who let their obsession with the past get in the way of their future… “Choking Dust” is about when a good friendship or relationship goes sour… “Bitches Leave”, despite the RoboCop-influenced title and despite concerns by some people that the lyrics seem to be pure misogyny, is actually about getting rubbish people out of your life irrespective of gender. Like I said, the title was inspired by a quote from RoboCop and when I say “bitches” in the lyrics I just mean mark-ass marks, trick-ass marks, punk bitches, skip scap skanks and skallywags, hoes, heffers, hee-haws and hoolie-hoos in general, not necessarily just women.


Are you not into that nigga bitch mothafucka slang, dawg? What do you think about rap music? Can you mix it with hardcore? Is it a good pairing?

I think rap was actually the first style of music I ever properly got into as a kid and I’ve remained a fan for most of my life. Again, just like with sci-fi movies, I think the 80s and 90s stuff is the best. I could listen to NOTORIOUS BIG, WU-TANG CLAN and old Death Row Records stuff all day every day for the rest of my life and probably be pretty cool with that. I love the aggression and the shit-talking, haha. I don’t really do it on purpose, but I think you can hear a natural hip-hop influence in the way I attack with some of my vocals in KINGPIN. Sometimes the slang gets into my everyday vocab in a semi-ironic fashion as well, but it ain’t no thang and I’ll gladly bust 6 shots in the dome of any knotty-headed busta who wanna talk smack about it! It’s all a matter of personal taste, I suppose but I personally think that rap and hardcore can work pretty damn well together as long as the people doing it are good rappers and they come with a genuine hardcore mentality. 9 times out of 10, though, that’s not the case and it just sucks! My old band opened for DOWNSET in 2005 and I’ve always thought those guys were a sick band, though. E-TOWN CONCRETE are one of my favourite bands, too, and I listened to “Pitbull Ways” by BOXCUTTER almost every day when it first came out. Plus there’s been a lot of great hardcore/hip-hop collaborations over the years… BIOHAZARD and ONYX, TERROR and JEDI MIND TRICKS, COLD WORLD and SEAN PRICE… All pretty good stuff to fold your arms and no your head to! In my book, anyway.

Agreed! I can’t forget one of the coolest gigs in our local series of shows called Show No Mercy. The basic idea was to merge hip-hop and hardcore and have lots of fun. SKARHEAD, DANNY DIABLO and his NYC crew appeared, they were joined by MOLESTA EWENEMENT (Warsaw hip hop) and DEATH ROW (Warsaw hardcore). The show was sick (see here or here). Countless stage dives – a great symbol of unity :) Did you have a chance to taste such a mixture?

I’ve not had a chance to see any live hip-hop/hardcore crossover shows in the flesh as awesome as THAT, but like I said I’ve played with DOWNSET and seen DOG EAT DOG and a bunch of other great rap/hardcore bands live and it’s the perfect mix for a live environment! Maybe we can get something like that going when KINGPIN play that show with the rapper next month, haha. It’s no surprise to me that Danny Diablo was involved in a show like that, haha. There’s a real strong hip-hop vibe with those guys from the 90s New York and New Jersey scenes. “New York Bring It On” by SON OF SKAM and “Talkin’ Shit” by VIETNOM are two more five star examples of this! Who WOULDN’T wanna get up and rock the fuck out to tunes like those?

Exactly. Ok, Lev. It’s been an absolute pleasure, really! I truly enjoyed your answers and it’s kinda sad to end it.

Is there anything else you’d like to say before we say goodbye and cry because it’s over?

Yes yes y’all, I wanna say to all the people out there in Internet Land that the Scottish music scene is bursting at the seams with ridiculous bands and off the top of my head I recommend anyone who digs modern hardcore to check out PAY THE PRICE, DTP, CONSTRICTOR, TRIAL & ERROR, FRONTLINE and HEAVY HANDS as mentioned earlier! If you’re more into metal, get some DIEMENTIA, THE COLOUR PINK IS GAY, CO-EXIST, BECKON and MAIR on your iPod or other portable media player of choice! Karol, it has been an honour and a privilege getting to know you, IDIOTEQ rules and this conversation has been a perfect example of what I was saying earlier on about how easy it is to find and get along with like-minded people in the punk and hardcore circles scene, no matter where you’re from! I wish you the best of luck in editing our wandering conversation into something other people might actually want to read, and if you’re ever in Scotland then KINGPIN will hook you up with a haggis burrito and make sure you have somewhere to chill and watch Demolition Man or whatever. Peace out and Jah bless!

Haha, I’ve watched it like hundred times. One of my favorite VHS-recorded movies ;) It’s been a horror to copy the movie from one cassette to another 20 years ago…

Thanks again! Cheers from Warsaw!


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Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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