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Knives Out Records re-issues XIBALBA’s Hasta La Muerte; gives it the first Double Picture Disc with die-cutting in music history

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Hasta La Muerte, Spanish for “To The Death”, the XIBALBA‘s ferocious first full-length album for Southern Lord label has just received a proper, beautifully crafted re-release via quality DIY label Knives Out Records! The new deluxe edition has been made available as Double Picture Disc 12″ vinyl Edition (Gatefold PVC over bag with full die-cut sleeve packaging) and we’re pretty sure it marks the first Double Picture Disc with die-cutting in music history. Pre-order HERE and chek out more details below, through our brief insight from Knives Out Records’ owner Johan Maari, aka Tonr.

Musically, it’s a lethal collision of brutal death metal, vicious hardcore and oppressive sludge. Taking the concept of heavy to a new, crushing level! It was recorded and produced by Taylor Young (Nails). Greg Anderson of sunn O))), Goatsnake and Southern Lord has collaborated with the band on 2 tracks: Flood and Cold. Anderson’ sub-bass six string warfare seemlessly integrates within the ultra-heaviness of the Xibalba sound. The band’s songwriting, performance and recording of the album shows Xibalba taking a giant leap forward. Hasta La Muerte firmly established the band as a force to be reckoned with as well as new leaders within the underground metal scene. The original cover artwork by infamous artist Dan Seagrave (Entombed, Dismember, Morbid Angel).

The Knives Out Records’ re-release comes in two editions: the Metnal (limited to 100) and the Muerte (limited to 200).

Asked about the details behind this unique project, Knives Out Records commented:

“This was another deluxe release project to work on. We love the band, the music, the great art of Dan Seagrave and the label Southern Lord Recordings. Everything is already gathered at the beginning so we have had to figure out the final small thing to top it all as a whole new Art masterpiece.

The idea was a blend of the intrigating universe of Seagrave ‘s illustration and the Xibalba music as an immersive experience; being an observer, stepping aside the drawn character, discovering, exploring, letting our eyes circulate everywhere around this Maya pyramid & mountains.

Artistically & technically, we ve worked on the symmetries, when the gatefold is closed, opened and full opened with both sleeves. Each picture disc vinyl sides fit the Seagrave painting in all its parts. Several prototypes’ideas were created so we ve finally decided to put out two editions : the “Metnal” (LTD to100) and the “Muerte” (LTD to 200)

A unique X engraved wooden logo bound with the back cover die-cut on the “Metnal” Edition has been made as well.

As usual we ve used a heavy textured eco-paper and everything is stamped and gold ink hand-numbered.”

Xibalba Knives Out special edition

Xibalba Knives Out special edition

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