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KNUCKLEDUST – “Foundations” video

Seeing is believing, this world can be deceiving
Don’t absorb all you read ‘cos the source can be misleading
Treading through this dangerous land but nothing I hold is in my hands
A will to live and a mind must be strong
Gotta know what is right from wrong
To face everyday, head on with no fear
Won’t forget where I’m from, voice the people’s strugglesWe won’t forget, we won’t forget
What you’ve done and now we see you for what you are
We won’t forget, we won’t forget
Who we are and we remember every scarI won’t be dragged down
I won’t give inInnocent souls put to rest but my mind stays focused on the ones who are left
This world’s unhinged like an open wound, won’t lose my faith anytime soon
Express or regress, progress to address
Foundations built on blood, for life I will strive
London Hardcore gave me strength, in UKHC I have pride
Draw a line choose a side, UK Hardcore ’til the endSpeak for the truth, staying loyal to the end
Speak for the truth, staying true to the endWhat doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, speak for the truth
We are the voice of the voiceless, loyal to the endThese foundations were built from our blood
Built from our sound
Blood, sweat, tears



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