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LA melodic, rap infused hardcore band CUTTHROAT share new video for “Wrong Road”

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Emerging from the swirling haze of the City of Angels comes Cutthroat LA, a spirited quintet carving their path through the music industry with a razor-edged blend of metallic hardcore, traces of hip-hop, and a thrash-inspired rawness.

Formed in the early 2000s, Cutthroat LA has a longstanding history of creating music that reflects the chaotic realities of personal, political, and religious turmoil. Their approach to music-making remains grounded in a desire to expose the truths concealed by deception. Fusing elements of hardcore, beatdown, 90s hip-hop, and thrash, they craft a soundscape that mirrors the turbulence of the world we inhabit, presenting an unbreakable bond formed amidst different musical backgrounds.

Following the success of their 2020 EP ‘Reflekt‘, produced by Biohazard guitarist and vocalist Billy Graziadei, Cutthroat LA has returned to collaborate with BillyBio once again. The outcome? The band’s upcoming debut album, ‘Fear by Design‘, poised to leave an indelible mark in the annals of music history.

Cutthroat by Vicente Coderone
Cutthroat by Vicente Coderone


Ahead of the album’s release, No Echo magazine has premiered the music video for ‘Wrong Road’, a track that encapsulates the quintet’s hardcore essence and their unyielding tenacity. A distinct amalgamation of aggressive riffs, gritty vocals, and an unruly attitude, ‘Wrong Road‘ epitomizes Cutthroat LA’s unique sound and vision.

‘Fear by Design’ is released today, July 14th, under the banner of Demons Run Amok label.

Also, the band is gearing up to venture back to Europe for a 12-date tour in the summer of 2023, marking yet another milestone in their musical journey.

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