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NO HOME touches emotional heights with their new melodic hardcore earworm “Nothing Grows Here”

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Hailing from Seattle, NO HOME first caught our attention as one of the top emerging bands in the region, as listed by Pastel Faces. Known for their emotional intensity and melodic blend of hardcore, the band’s sound appeals to fans of Counterparts, Being as an Ocean, and No Bragging Rights. Today, they release their newest single, “Nothing Grows Here,” a poignant exploration of the turbulent dynamics of relationships, the struggle for understanding, and the pain of personal growth.

Nothing Grows Here comes as a passionate outpouring of emocore, melodic post-hardcore, and melodic metalcore, reflecting the band’s deep-seated exploration of emotional complexities.

The lyrics of “Nothing Grows Here” appear to convey a narrative of a strained relationship or personal connection. The opening lines, “Time will find us / And slowly tear us in two / Like it’s all over / Like this was all part of the plan” indicate the passage of time causing a rift between two lovers.

The bitterness and emotional pain of this separation are expressed through imagery of taste, fire, and light. “Taste of blood on my tongue / Grows bitter / Burning at both ends / To feel anything.” A desperate struggle to feel something, even if it’s painful.

NO HOME by Tim Burton
NO HOME by Tim Burton

The song also touches on a struggle to reconcile differences, as shown in the lines, “We are not like minds / No constant / I have made my peace with our differences.” It hints at acceptance of the fact that these two entities can’t see eye to eye. “We’ll never see eye to eye / Without the light I’m by your side.”

Repeated references to salt in a wound provide a stark metaphor for the protagonist’s role in exacerbating the pain within the relationship. “I am the salt in your open wound” implies that the singer recognizes their part in causing emotional pain.

NO HOME art - Photo - Timbur Media - Artwork - Mason Pelton Design
NO HOME art – Photo – Timbur Media – Artwork – Mason Pelton Design

The closing lines, “When all that’s left is who we are / Find me between your nature and nurture / Collect your bones for someone else / Leave me to rest here in my own garden” signify a wish for separation and introspection. At the end of the day, each person must take responsibility for their personal growth and healing, even if it means parting ways.

“Nothing Grows Here,” can be seen as a lament for a relationship that could not flourish, a potent exploration of emotional pain, acceptance, and ultimately, personal growth. Listen for yourelf and share your interpretation via comments to our psots on Twitter and Facebook.

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