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Latvian post punk act ABUSES streaming new single; watch new Lynchian video now!

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The Latvian post-punk band ABUSES have releases their second music video ‘Say Something’, filled with dreamy, grimy, Lynchian imagery that will suck you immediately. The video marks the directorial debut of Latvian photographer Ērika Daņiloviča and can be watched above.

“Abuses emerged out of an apocalyptic state.” – comments the band. “We got bored, made sounds, read too much Ballard and K. Dick, watched the swamp rise and the sun burn hotter, hallucinated poetry that was instantly lost and numbly walked through empty streets. Our anxiety is your new tinnitus.”

The music video is Ērika Daņiloviča’s debut directorial release. It encompasses her unique approach to photography. Viewers will experience her personal perspective of the pandemic. The director said of her work:

“The music video is about the human condition – how a person feels during a certain period of time. All people are very different and individual, but when a person enters synergy with stress and denial of reality, then all people are connected in the feeling and want to escape their external and internal world. A person enters a state, in which they wish to be free of their ‘’prison’’ – of their cyclic existen- tial life and their ego. This state in Hinduism is called moksha. Moksha personifies the point of attrac- tion towards which people rush to in order to feel their ethereal body and relax completely.”

ABUSES by - Erika Danilovicha
ABUSES by – Erika Danilovicha
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