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“Less” – Dannish immense blackened hardcore / screamo act DEMERSAL premiere brilliant new record!

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Through an aggressive performance, Copenhagen and Odense, Denmark based blackened hardcore / screamo act DEMERSAL explore feelings of greif and meaninglessness, communicated through sections of chaotic, expressive hardcore, and melancholic post-rock, joined with vocals that seem concurrently powerful and fragile. Their new capticating LP “Less” deals with the sense of disbelief in human compassion, to the point where relationships, values and human interactions seem pointless, and we’re thrilled to give you its official first listen below!

After releasing their debut EP “To mend a yellow wound” in 2017, DEMERSAL have toured Europe with bands such as Hexis, Telos, and O. Their debut album “Less” will be released in the beginning of 2020. The band consists of current and past members of bands such as Hexis and Telos.

Less‘ deals with the sense of increasing disbelief in human compassion, to the point where relationships, values, and human interactions seem worthless. The feelings of grief and hopelessness intensifies as the album progresses. In the end every sense of hope in finding something true and irreplaceable amongst human values and relationships is destroyed.

Cover artwork by Simon Tobias Haag Bundgård. Band photo by David Owen Blackley from Her Name Is Murder Productions. Guitars, bass & drums recorded at Angry Music Studios. Vocals recorded at a rehearsal space. Mixed and mastered by Role at Die Tonmeisterei. Written and recorded by Demersal. Trumpets (Amends and Worthless pt. 2) by Christoffer O’Donoghue Dideriksen. Tamborine and piano (Less) by Jonas Johs Andersen.

The album can be seen as a downwards spiral, where every song is more destructive and negative than it’s predecessor: First wanting to make amends for one’s mistakes, to somehow deal with hopelessness – Then doubting that the belief in love is enough to safe us from misery – Then realizing that every attempt to do ‘the right thing’ at some point always will end up in failure – And finally concluding that we are worthless, our actions are worthless, and death is stronger than love – death is inevitable, love is not.

The songs on the album deals with emotions in a very direct way. We don’t want to show the subsequent reflections that one can have, when looking at a situation from a distance. Instead we want to drag the listener into the raw and unaffected feelings of being abandoned, alone and misserable.

Edited and directed by D.O. Blackley for Her Name Is Murder Productions (@HNIMP). Handy-cam footage by Victor Kaas.

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