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LIFE OF AGONY are no more, says drummer Sal Abruscato

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LIFE OF AGONY drummer Sal Abruscato was recently interviewed by Maciej Szatko when his new band A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH (in which he plays guitar and sings), performed in Wroclaw, Poland. You can watch it below.

In the interview, Abruscato confirms that LIFE OF AGONY are no more because of the members involved in their own activites. He explains:

We’re not gonna play [anymore]. We moved out of our studio. We all kind of feel like we’re at the end. We’re never gonna make another record, because of those kinds of problems I was talking about [earlier in the interview] — we can’t agree on writing a song. And Keith [Caputo, vocals] wants to pursue his life and his lifestyle. And that’s pretty much the reason why also I’ve moved on and I’m doing my own thing… to just keep going; I didn’t want my career to stop with Life of Agony. Life of Agony doesn’t tour, Life of Agony doesn’t do much. And so we were at a point where it was like… We did the last three shows in July [2011] and then we moved out of our studio, and that’s it. I don’t foresee anything in the future; I highly doubt it. I don’t know how that would happen.

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