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“Live Free” – melodic hardcore powerhouse GET IT TOGETHER premiere new vibrant LP!

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Scottish 4-piece melodic hardcore punk band GET IT TOGETHER have been to our pages before, and today we’re thrilled to give you their new record “Live Free”, their first new offering since 2015! This year, the band is back on track with hopes to play as often as possible throughout the U.K and Ireland, as well as undertaking an extensive tour of Europe later this year. “Live Free” is a powerful statement that takes them in the right direction and will surely get you pumped right from the start! Play it loud!

Live Free to me is an immediate and aggressive collection of songs, on a broad range of subjects I wish I could quite literally live free from. Throughout the record we cover subjects like xenophobia, media sensationalism, sectarianism, depression and grief. At a glance that might appear quite bleak to some but for me there is a hugely positive and cathartic element to the lyrics. – Mark (vocals)

Live Free is GIT’s first full length LP and was recorded, mixed and mastered by John Harcus ( throughout the summer of 2018 and is jointly released by Make-That-A-Take Records and GIT.

GET IT TOGETHER by Harcus Audio

GET IT TOGETHER live dates:

26/04/19: LP Release Show @ Conroy’s Basement, Dundee with Divide, Queequeg’s Coffin & Us Versus Them.
05/05/19: A LITTLE BIT OF SPRINGTIME FEST @ The Green Room, Perth
w/ Tragical History Tour Band, The Goatboy, Uniforms, Queequeg’s Coffin, Holy Snakes + more
17/08/19: Cramond Island of Punk @ Cramond Island, Edinburgh.



Eviction Notice

I’ve been served an eviction notice in the form of falling bombs and firing squads, so I flee with the most precious things I have and hold so dear to me.
I risk it all so we might live another day. I place all hope upon a raft and pray we sail away.
Where will we go? What will become of my life and my loved ones? I say goodbye to all I know and take a leap into the unknown.
No empathy but I feel your contempt at another life just looking to live. You set me adrift time and time again as I search for new life to begin.
Standing still is not an option I take seriously but the strength to move doesn’t come so easily at all.
Where will we go? What will become of my life and my loved ones? I say goodbye to all I know and take a leap into the unknown.
Can’t keep me down, I’ll keep pushing.
I’m not the headlines you read and hear, I’m just another person you’ve been conditioned to fear. I don’t want your job; I don’t want your wife. I don’t want your money and I don’t want your life.
I just want to live free from persecution.


We were split to begin with but you sought to divide and conquer. You bait the line and some swallow the hook. Before the ink could dry, you ripped the parchment in half and paid no mind to pledges shared.
We’re always left with the short end of the stick and we walk away empty handed. If they won’t hand it over, let’s take it for ourselves.
So we kept a union and divided from another, united only in disappointment. Nothing changed for you but we’re left to pick up the pieces with glass to walk on and wounds to heal.
We won’t settle for nothing now. We won’t settle for nothing anymore.


Here we are again in this mess again. There’s no way back when we’re on attack. No end in sight in this endless fight.
Isn’t it funny how quickly we rationalise the mess of others, yet we’re irrational beasts when it comes to the piece about ourselves. We’ve gone and ruined everything.
You’re talking louder, volume is rising. The rising volume may as well be silence.
Marching Orders
March on our streets for a conflict centuries old whilst you cling to the hate in the stories you’ve been told in murals and songs. You’ve seen and sung them all your life. They breed hate, resentment and create unnecessary strife.
We don’t care who’s on the wall or if they answer an old flute’s call. We’re not interested in ancient lore from the bygone days of yore.
Stuck on the side lines and we’re forced to watch it all, this cavalcade of ethnoreligious bullshit. We turn our backs, close our eyes, cover our ears and we shut you out.
You’ve had your marching orders. Consider yourself dismissed.

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Worn Out

If this feeling could manifest itself physically there’d be a gaping hole in my chest. What’s out of your sight is far from out of my mind. In fact, it’s with me every hour of every day like a plague.
Sometimes it fades an illusion of safety but the dread comes on like a pack of wolves stalk their prey. Forever unseen but always lying in wait for the perfect moment to strike with precision misery.
Depression makes plenty work for idle minds.
This whole experience is exhausting. I’m feeling tired, I’m worn out.

On The Brink

Desperate situations make desperate people do desperate things.
Desperate people do desperate things make desperate situations.

Goodnight, Vienna

Wield his love just like a weapon and use his words to lock you away. Distort perceptions and fabricate lies to keep you trapped on the inside.
Remove the light and remove the sound to keep you tethered to the ground.
Where he’ll take control of your self-esteem and paralyse you with intimidation and fear. Nurture dependence and stimulate doubt, your tightly gripped, he’s got you by the throat.
Remove the light and remove the sound to keep you tethered to the ground. Bound legs can’t walk and bound legs can’t roam far enough from this broken home.
I’ll be here and I’ll be waiting until you have the strength to take back the light and take back the sound no longer tethered to the ground. You’re free to walk, free to roam and find yourself a more deserving home.

Hole in the Head

I need you like a hole in the head.
Your name is trouble and mine’s no better, nothing goes right when we’re together. We were as thick as thieves, I thought nothing could come between (us) but you proved me wrong and now I know.
My respect for you clouded my judgement but these new eyes can finally see you torched the bridges we built. Where once was hope, now nothing but broken trust and empty promises.
We were so close knit that I never thought that we would tear apart at the seams. We were so close knit that I never thought that we would break so easily.
Now I know just who you are. These new eyes can finally see through your deceit.

Gentlemen’s Club

This world is paradise for the rich, white male. Deny the women and subject the rest to outdated ideas, outdated systems and outdated constructs in your Gentlemen’s Club for the privileged.
They built it tall, they built it high but their ceiling of glass it has to break and their gentlemen’s club, we’ll burn it down.

Set to Explode

With a rush of blood to the head and a pain in my chest, I’m light on my feet and I’m not making any sense.
My heart is pounding, my pulse is racing, the pressure’s building and I’m set to explode.
With a cold touch of sweat and a shortness of breath, I’m up against the wall and I’ve lost all control.
I’m a loose cannon and I’m firing shots. I’m a stick of dynamite ready to go off. I’m a fucking powder keg and I’m all set to explode.


I’m a martyr, I’m a tragedy, I’m the almost was and the never will be.
I’m a near miss, I’m a close call and the promising prospect who’s ready for a fall.
I can’t live up to your expectations and I can’t keep up with who you want me to be. I can’t live up to your expectations and I can’t keep up. I can’t keep up.
I’m a red light, I’m a dead stop and the case for sympathy you’re feeling sorry for.
I’m a warning, I’m a false start and the disappointment you’ve found frustration in.
I can’t live up to your expectations and I can’t keep up with who you want me to be but I can’t let that stop me from becoming the person I’m destined to be.
I’ll rise up, I’ll persevere, I’ll make it through and these grey days shall be no more.
Mediocrity is not my destiny.

What a Waste

My crooked spine can barely hold the weight of my world and so I break down.
This is not who I am and this is not where I want to be.
I’m shying away from the land of the living. I’m chasing ghosts inside my own cemetery.
This is not who I am and this is not where I want to be. This is not who I am, a fucking waste.
I won’t let myself become another waste of space.
I’m not a waste.

Without You

I stand above you and my head’s in pieces, how could one so strong of stature now seem so small?
You were my protector, my best friend and anyone else I’d need. To the world you were just another soul but to me you mean the world.
Death, the lowly thief took you whilst we were sleeping and left me with the agony of knowing you were gone.
We band together to carry you in unforgiving rain. Our last goodbye, as we lay to you down to rest in the arms of the elements.
Life goes on and you will live with me so long as my heart beats, as long as my lungs draw breath. You will be forever remembered as my protector, my best friend and anyone else I’d need.
Life hurts, it takes, it burns and it breaks but it’s always worth it in the end to have known you and loved you as I did. So long, farewell and goobye.

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