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LIVING COLOUR frontman talks about the band’s longevity, next album and the upcoming anniversary of “Vivid”

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LIVING COLOUR frontman Corey Glover was recently interviewed by Danny Coleman of The Trentonian, where he talks about the band’s longevity and their next album. He also said that next year there will be a 25th anniversary celebration of their their double-platinum 1988 album “Vivid”.

He states:

Living Colour has never really ended. We’ve been working together since 2000, we’ve done three records in the last ten years; we’ve always maintained a working relationship. We took two years off, got back together, we all have families, kids, Living Colour is never put on the back burner; more like the side burner. It all always comes back to it, you know? If not for that… There are plans for a new record, we’re re-releasing “Vivid,” it’s the 25th anniversary of the record and we’re planning to tour and do just “Vivid” songs; we’re going to do the album in its entirety.


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