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Lo-fi punk rocker MAGGOT HOUSE decomposes new EP “Greetings From Budget Beach” track by track

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Enter the Maggot House, a lo-fi do-it-yourself punk endeavor brought to life by Brooklyn-based musician Broose Young. Born from a combustible mix of whiskey-fueled passion for iconic bands such as The Misfits and The Spits, the project is an enduring decade-long fascination with 80s horror movies, and the most memorable Halloween festivities imaginable. Longing for more horrorpunk songs about the world’s punks, slobs, maggots, and creeps, we’re stoked to give their new EP, and a special track by track rundown put together by Maggot House themselves!

The band’s previous EP ‘Creeps Unite’ made its debut on October 13th, 2022 and was followed by the release of an animated and lively music video for the frenetic lead single, ‘Creepnite,’ with an 80s high school-themed twist (watch below). The video is an amalgamation of the most iconic dance scenes from 80s movies, infused with elements of horror.

Determined to keep the spirit of beach punk alive, Maggot House just returned with the release of their 6-song EP titled ‘Greetings from Budget Beach’ on March 31st. With the title track paying homage to the beloved 80s beach movies, where the misfits, underdogs, nerds, and punks run wild, this new offering will get you ready to ride the waves of punk instantly!

Young’s passion for loud and aggressive music began in Oakland in 1991, where Maggot House was first born and inspired a number of local bands. After many years of playing in garage bands, Young decided to put out some Halloween-themed synth-punk fun with Maggot House in 2021.

Despite being a one-person band, Young’s love for horror-punk is apparent in his lyrics and style. Maggot House’s music is a high-octane blend of punk and synth, perfect for anyone who loves the Misfits or The Spits.


Budget Beach

The title track off this EP is an ode to all the 80s beach movies where underdogs, nerds & punks-go-wild. The punk songs of summer – and rad movies like ‘Surf II’ were total inspiration. For every outcast who has had to put in work to feel legit – Be part pf a scene – this was with you in mind. Surfs up, punk!

“…down the street with the gutter punks at Budget Beach” – Broose from Maggot House

Another Filthy Ripper

This is a recount of one of the biggest a-holes I ever met. A righteous selfish prick who never thought twice about the path of destruction he left in his wake. All the lyrics are true events pointing back that that jerk-a-lator. I wish him all the best but hope to never see him again.

I Gotta Vette

This song, however, is a recount of one the best dudes I ever knew – and his vette. When I met Gregg in high school, he offered to pick me up to hang out and said “I’ll be there at 8. I gotta vette” But the dude showed up in a Chevy Chevette! He was blasting Butthole Surfers out the back, and everything was perfect. I also had a friend Chuck Moore who would pick me up for school, blasting Black Flag, in his Chevette. It was a way of life.

Maggot House

Maggot house was the house where we lived in Oakland while going to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh PA. Song was inspired by all the Maggots & Creeps we’ve ran into over the years. The house was filled with art nerds, crust punks, & metals heads alike and known for wild parties. The cover artwork for that single is all true to life. I was really trying to wrote a catchy chorus, but keep it weird and ugly.


This track is obviously about the best Matthew Broderick movie of 1983. Fun Note: Used a Casio Sk-1 keyboard sample for the drum track.

Slobs Rule

Keep your town punk! Inspired by all the greatest 80s high school movies like the Ramones Rock’n’ Roll High School &Class of Nuke ‘Em High, and bands I love who pump out high-octane fast punk that get straight to the point. No filler.

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