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The Locust and Tera Melos members join SQUID PISSER in their new noisy assault on the senses – listen to “Vibe Monster”

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SQUID PISSER obliterates the self-importance and tranquility of its surroundings through its own distinctive brand of ferocious and grimy hardcore. The duo, consisting of Tommy Meehan on guitar (previously of Deaf Club, Cancer Christ, Sweatband Records, and Cartoon Network) and Seth Carolina (from Starcrawler), unleashes an innovative and slimy spacecraft propelled by expertly controlled noise-guitar, savage primal drumming, and viscous vocal performances that may resemble the sound of a group of amphibians caught in a garbage disposal (although the Squid boys would not recommend this). In addition, they furiously thrust dolphin cadavers at high velocities to amplify the intensity of their impact.

Today, we’re stoked to give you their new track “Vibe Monster”, feat. Joseph K. Karam (The Locust) and John Clardy (Tera Melos)! The wild experimental track marks the third single off their new album “My Tadpole Legion”, a mutated smorgasbord of songs and guest vocalists from projects like: MELT BANANA, NEKROGOBLIKON, CANCER CHRIST, PUNCH, THE LOCUST, WACKO, and more. Also featured prominently is John Clardy of TERA MELOS on drums for 3 of the songs, and our today’s premiere is one of them.

The album was picked up by Justin Pearson’s THREE ONE G label and is being released in conjunction with Tommy’s own SWEATBAND RECORDS (one of several collaborative releases the two have put out together over the last few years.)

Comments Tommy Meehan (Squid Pisser, Deaf Club, Cancer Christ, Sweatband Records): “”Vibe Monster” was written and recorded live to tape, in the studio, as an improv session, just a few days after our drummer John Clardy (Tera Melos) found out that he had a tumor the size of a papaya growing behind his heart. Cancer… During the rehearsals leading up to our session, John was having trouble catching his breath. Playing for any extended period of time had become difficult for him and he had suspected that it was merely walking-pneumonia. He was in and out of doctor’s offices for a few weeks until he finally received the diagnosis (right before we were to record).

So, John got this crazy scary news and then thought to himself, “Shit. This might be the last recording I’m ever on. Let’s rip this shit.”

John tracked the drums on 3 songs for “My Tadpole Legion” that weekend, and they are some of my favorites on the album.”

“”Vibe Monster” kinda encapsulates this dreadful “trudging on in the face of death” type of feeling so perfectly.” – continues Tommy. “It’s dark and moody, and unlike any of the other Squid Pisser stuff we’ve done so far. The opening section that alternates between spazzed out drum fills and these huge, almost random sounding, hits paints the atmosphere surrounding the recording session so perfectly. The rage that’s delivered during the poignant and succinct tom bursts is then juxtaposed by a contemplative reflection which occurs during the open spaces of the grimed out and textural cymbal smashes. There’s no real tempo or pulse here so it’s just confusion and uncertainty at every turn. The chromatic nature of the notes in this passage informs evolution but toward what?

Squid Pisser
Squid Pisser

And then, a minute and twenty seconds in, John makes a deliberate decision to start this steady march toward the unknown (which carries out the rest of the song). It might have been a funeral march. We had no idea what was going to happen with his health. It was terrifying. But John delivered the goods, nailed his parts, and then started treatment right after recording. Months later, he had beaten cancer’s ass and is still rippin’ crazy drum shit to this day.

The idea of getting Joseph K. Karam (The Locust) to throw down vocals for us was something that John and I had talked about from the very beginning, so we felt extremely honored and privileged when Joey was into the idea. His vocals remind me of some warlock dude boiling a bunch of potions in the middle of the woods or something. Just casting spells, enchanting colorful stones, and transforming sticks into goblins or something. He brings this evil but tender narrative to the song. It’s a vulnerable track by nature and Joey was really able to bring another level of darkness, despair and anguish to it.”

Squid Pisser

Conceptualized and formed in 2022, the band decided to fully utilize planet Earth’s viral slumber in order to gestate, write, and record 2 full length albums worth of material.

Throughout the year, SQUID PISSER played a handful of shows in California and Nevada as a 2 piece as they continued the quest for further personnel and collaborators. Tommy Meehan’s tightly controlled noise-onslaught of rainbow vomit (spat out of a guitar amp via manic pedalboard wizardry and sophisticated finger work) paired with the utterly brutal, breakneck, and savage drumming of Seth Carolina, merge to create a collection of tracks that have been forged in a totally fucked and sonically chaotic storm of pus and goo.

My Tadpole Legion was mixed by Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE, GODCITY STUDIOS) and mastered by Alan Douches (West West Side Music).

It will be released on limited edition vinyl (“tadpole blob” variant for Sweatband and “tadpole splatter on piss yellow” for Three One G) on April 14th.

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