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LOMA PRIETA releases “Continuum b/w Fate“ double single

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Two months since the release of the new single Continuum, screamy hardcore band LOMA PRIETA are unveiling the full stream of their interesting new 2-tracker. After 15 years of being a mainstay of the Bay Area hardcore community, the band presents a shift in musical direction and only time will tell if it’s only for a while.

“Continuum b/w Fate” is a new two song single from Loma Prieta, recorded by engineer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker). A-side “Continuum” is artistic editorial in the self-damning that many face on a day to day basis. Playing as an examination of the perpetual motion that contemporary society demands of each one of us. Musically it glides infectiously with new depth and fuzzed out control. B-side “Fate” uses Pixies-esque lightness to veil the weight of its message before erupting into musical chaos. Here they disguise disgust with melody while singing “Drugs and God the same distractions / Lay on the dirty floor and stare at the ceiling, like it was a planetarium dome”. Expanding their unmistakeable screamo approach into powerful Fugazi-like territory.

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