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London emo band ARKLESS premiere new song ‘Clear’!

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Barely Regal Recordsstrictly no capital lettersDingleberry Records and Ruined Smile are releasing the debut EP by London tight, fresh emo act ARKLESS in September (members of BIRD CALLS and WHAT PRICE WONDERLAND), and we are totally stoked to give you the newest, exhilarating track coming off of the EP. In addition to being an interesting examination of varied perception of things, the record is also a quality modern tribute to post punk and 90s emotive punk, provingits growth musically and thematically. I suppose this musical influence really is more of a feeling than a sound, making ARKLESS even more irresistible. Learn more details below and launch both new tracks, “Clear” and previously premiered “Corner”, below.

Formed in 2015, Arkless’ first release is one with a surprisingly coherent aesthetic and sound for such a new band. In part, this can be explained by the band members’ shared history – long before Arkless formed they crossed paths frequently, playing in bands that were part of the same tight-knit DIY scene, trading ideas, influences and approaches to music alike. Equally though, the EP’s cohesive sound is no accident – a deliberate effort by the band to carve out a space that is their own from the very beginning, blending influences from 90s punk and post-punk to early science fiction literature and film, with motifs and themes than run through every aspect of their output – from music to artwork to live visuals.

Recorded at studio and community venue JT Soar in Nottingham – an incubator of sorts for DIY punk activity in the UK, something that is immediately obvious when listening to the EP is the sense of space, both in terms of production and structure. Where past projects – the frantic, anarcho-influenced emo of What, Price Wonderland, or the spiraling post-punk of Bird Calls, were dense to the point of being almost impenetrable in places, with Arkless each instrument occupies its own space, intricate guitar lines weaving intricate patterns around bass that anchors the melody and drums which propel the songs forward.


The core theme at the heart of the EP is the idea of getting people to think rather than telling them what to think, not regurgitating ideas and avoiding the trap of simple sloganeering that punk often falls into. Played out in lyrics that are for the most part deliberately obtuse, framed from everyday situations which spark some kind of existential thought, the idea is to give the listener a relatable jumping off point from which they can imbue their own meaning. This theme is employed at its most literal in ‘Clear’ – one of the few tracks on the EP which has more of a standard narrative structure. Following the train of thought of a narrator grappling with the notion that people can perceive the same thing in different ways, the track builds into a crescendo, driving guitars and drums building into a frenzy before breaking up into nothingness, as the narrator begins to doubt the universality of their own views – ‘it’s clear…isn’t it?’

That core concept – that people may perceive the same thing in different ways and imbue the same (inherently meaningless) objects with different meaning, equally follows in the EP’s artwork. Combining hi-res scans from the Hubble Telescope with (surprisingly prescient) illustrations of space travel from an 1870s French textbook – the artwork centres around space and the cosmos, the great unknown entity that humanity has imbued with all manner of meaning through time, from the myths of ancient civilistations, to ideas about the afterlife and philosophical notions of our place in a wider universe.

Eschewing standard packaging for the physical release in favour of a poster that folds to form the case for the record – a deliberate nod to less immediately obvious influences on Arkless like Flux of Pink Indians and Crass, each track is accompanied by an individual illustration on the inner side of the poster. Together they suggest a kind of visual narrative, though again it isn’t necessarily prescriptive as to what this narrative is.

In support of the EP release, Arkless will be touring the UK this summer supporting I Recover (Germany, members of Punch/Bullets*In) from the 28-31 July, and with Aesthenia (Japan) and Human Hands (UK) in August.

Arkless are Andy Hemming (bass guitar, vocals), Joao Restivo (guitar), Calum MacLure (guitar) and Max Kinmans (drums). Formed from members of Bird Calls, Twisted and What Price Wonderland, Arkless takes the nervous energy of past projects and transforms this into something much more spacious and considered, intricate guitars tracing patterns around a taut rhythm section driving songs forward.

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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