WORKING MEN'S CLUB by James Clare,!
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London frantic hardcore pack WORKING MEN’S CLUB comment on their new discordant EP

WORKING MEN'S CLUB by James Clare,
One year after their debut release and split with UK’s CONTAINMENT, London brutal punks WORKING MEN’S CLUB are back with new jaw-dropping release,  an onslaught of the short, frantic, chaotic, blistering cuts full of unadulterated sonic malevolence. We have teamed up with the band’s vocalist and guitarist Mark for a full track by track break down of this beast! See his commentary after a scroll.

Premium Champion is a snapshot of where London based Working Men’s Club are. 6 minutes of breathless, urgent hardcore punk. Influence pulled from many areas of heavy music, all knocking up against each other jarring for prevailance. The result is an obnoxious blast of fast beats, with the odd dirty pit-chug to mix up the pace.

Clocking in just under 6 minutes, “Premium Champion” is a melee of raucous guitars, pounding drums and gutteral screams that doesn’t loosen its grip ’till its finished slapping you round the face. Spanning influences including 90s hardcore, beatdown hardcore, thrash & d-beat, Working Men’s Club deal in obnoxious songs with disgusting riffs, all played by four old punks. Having played together since late 2016 and a demo, EP & split under their belt, “Premium Champion” is the next step towards a debut LP. For fans of Fucking Invincible, His Hero Is Gone, The Swarm, Friendship, Down In The Dirt.

Working Men’s Club aren’t the band you want, it’s the band you deserve.

“Premium Champion” is out April 18th on Hominid Sounds on limited edition neon green cassette, download and stream.

Recorded January 2019 at Bear Bites Horse Studios by Wayne Adams (Petbrick/Big Lad).

Fealty’s Dreams

The original title for this track was “Workhorse” – it’s partly inspired by the Ben Myers novel “The Gallows Pole”. Everyone drags their own chains, and there’s an undeniably violent language and culture that springs forth from our protestant obsession with toil. Put your shoulder to the wheel and suffer.

Immovable Man

As modern medicine finds increasingly parasitic ways of extending rich, white men’s lifespans, the overwhelming feeling that your mobile corpse is a poorly constructed prison, can be overwhelming. But put your trust in that cage; blood flows, and sinews still pull – “the body is true, the vessel will prove it”.

Fast Corpse

I’m all about ancient burial and immolation rites, so I thought “I’ll write some lyrics about that”. If you ever feel worthless, never forget you absolutely are, and that if you were alive a thousand years ago you could’ve at least been a ritual sacrifice. Unfortunately, you’re here now, reading this.

Anthem of Yeah (Yeah Anthem)

This song is about the futile posturing of people who refuse to acknowledge that there may exist something greater than the human race. Or maybe it’s futile to believe otherwise? A depressing thought either way. This one’s a real power ballad.


WORKING MEN’S CLUB is Mark (vocals/guitar), Kenny (guitar), Adam (drums), Chris (bass). Catch them live at Blondies London on May 30th!

London frantic hardcore pack WORKING MEN’S CLUB comment on their new discordant EP
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