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London instrumental metallers CREVASSIAN return with an excellent second single “Clifftops”

Six months after the premiere of their debut single ‘Premonition’ in June this year, London based instrumental progressive post metallers CREVASSIAN are back with a new offering called ‘Clifftops’! Sharper, more urgent, djent infused, and seemingly exploratory, the new single is a standalone release that is serving as a forerunner for an EP that CREVASSIAN are currently in the process of recording. The EP will be 4 tracks of roughly 23 minutes total in length and should be finished sometime in early to mid 2018. Clifftops is a promising sign of whats to come. Listen below.

The band commented:

With Clifftops we took inspiration from atmospheric black metal with the use of blast beats near the start, and the track continues on blending progressive metal and post-rock before arriving at an epic wall-of-sound outro. Similar to Premonition it also has an uplifting and cathartic feel – while Premonition created tension and featured a build-up and release, Clifftops aims to establish a euphoric mood from the beginning and explores that mood through twists and turns, and then ends in a similar place to where it begins.

CREVASSIAN are playing a show at the Scream Lounge in Croydon on December the 15th, which they aim to treat as a launch gig for Clifftops, and hope to play as many shows as possible in the coming months to promote both this track and the upcoming EP. They are also playing in London on the 25th of February. GO HERE to see their upcoming events.

The song was mixed and mastered by Adam Bentley (Arch Echo). The drums were engineered by Mike Malyan (Disperse).

Crevassian are a 4-piece instrumental progressive metal outfit from London, UK, consisting of Nick Povey (drummer), James Humphries (rhythm guitar), Luke Fabian (bass) and George Owen (lead guitar). Crevassian are a progressive metal band highly inspired by post rock and post metal, possessing a unique dynamic sound that “can move mountains” as well as being dramatic and epic (Moshville Times).


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