“Loneliness Will Sit Over Our Roofs With Brooding Wings” – screamo act TO BE GENTLE discusses new captivating release

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In the words of Bram Stoker, the ominous presence of loneliness shall perch atop our abodes with a contemplative mien, insinuating that the impact of this profound emotion shall continue to effectuate change in our lives, regardless of whether we choose to shun social contact or simply find ourselves bereft of conversational partners. Indeed, the formidable influence of loneliness shall persist and exert its power over us, even when we remain oblivious to its presence.

Named after the famous quote from Brahm Stoker’s ‘Dracula’, “Loneliness Will Sit Over Our Roofs With Brooding Wings“, the newest surprise release from Oregon based screamo band TO BE GENTLE was inspired by Eve Beeker’s good friend, who shares a mutual interest and fascination with vampires and gothic/romantic literature. Soon after our recent feature on their previous offering “it always hurts and one day it will win”, we’re diving behind the scenes of “Loneliness Will Sit Over Our Roofs With Brooding Wings” to learn more about their passionate craft.

“The title points to the overarching theme of being lonely, while on the opposite side of that same coin, the title insinuates an almost “hunted” feeling, where Loneliness is personified as a vampire and it is lurking over a home, where it is waiting for its prey.” – explains Eve.

She has crafted the majority of the lyrics as poems and the music serves as a soundscape for them to reside in and narrate their tale.

She admits that To Be Gentle started off in the “right direction” with their demo ‘I Love You’, they took a drastic and unexpected turn with their self titled record.

“”This was quickly addressed with ‘L’autre Côté de la Peur’, where we drifted closer towards our “true” sound.” – explains Eve.

‘Loneliness Will Sit Over Our Roofs With Brooding Wings’ follows a similar trajectory, continuing down the path of a sort of screamo-infused post-metal sound.


Speaking about the amazing cover art, Eve explains it showcases a piece by Edvard Munch titled “Love and Pain”, and also dubbed “The Vampire”.

“It is fitting for obvious reasons, but also I feel accurately depicts how I’ve been feeling while writing this album. It is in the public domain and I thought it was nice. I just did some light photo processing to it, and that was it.” – she admits

The band aimed to create a romantic, dark, and gritty atmosphere, inspired by the tone and style of the classic novel ‘Dracula‘. Through their music, To Be Gentle sought to capture the essence of the novel’s Gothic aesthetic, immersing listeners in a world of mystery and intrigue.

The content of the record is as follows.

Words by Eve Beeker

Your Passion Sinks Its Teeth Into My Weary Spirit is a title that I wanted to utilize the “vampire” theme in. It is the opening song and the title is a line from its respective lyrics. It is a poem about a good friend who died many years ago from diabetic complications, and how their memory and passion still lives on and is contagious to those who knew them.

Pining is a follow up song, the title being the last word in the previous song’s lyrics. It is the sonic representation of heartbreak and longing.

All of My Friends Live Inside My Head is about losing many friends and being left with only their memories. Even though they are no longer in my life, I can still visit them any time I like from the moments and memories we shared together.

Immolating is a poem about missing a close ex-partner. That is all I would like to say about that piece.

Your Guts Are Like Mine is another poem about missing someone dear. It has a more “raw” feel to it and points towards more significant mental illness issues and depression. I’ve always wanted to write a powerviolence song, and felt that this style would fit the lyrics appropriately.

Kiss Me, You’re Beautiful, These Are Truly the Last Days not only follows the romantic/gothic theme of ‘Dracula’, but is also a quote from a Godspeed You! Black Emperor song. Godspeed is one of my favorite bands, and thought the title accurately sums up how the song makes me feel.

Love Letter is a poem about a memory with a lover.

I Wasn’t Ready and I Never Will Be is something I do not feel at liberty to express at this time.

Endless Circles / Pathways To Emotional Arrest is a bonus song that I wanted to use to softly tie the whole album and experience together. After a hectic and emotionally exhausting ride throughout the album, I wanted a calm and cathartic way to end the piece, and hopefully carry the listener off into a restful slumber.

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