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LOOSE PLANES streaming new EP

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It’s so nice of all these emo, indie, punk rock bands to choose the 90s as their target recently. Detroit’s LOOSE PLANES are one of the finest rock acts to perform it. 6131 Records has unveiled the full stream of their new self-titled EP and it’s available for streaming below.Β 

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, LOOSE PLANES, formed with one goal in mind: to create catchy alternative rock that harkens back to the days when it was okay to have a little power in your sound and catchiness in your hooks. Almost immediately, they bring to mind the ’90s greats like Dinosaur Jr. and Sugar, yet simultaneously infuse a vibe only musicians that grew up in the current punk scene could create. Their first offering, this self-titled EP, exhibits an incredible knack for writing songs that are both infectiously catchy and powerfully intense. The EP only teases at their potential and leaves the door wide open to a promising future. / 6131 Records

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