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LOVGUN blends fastcore, grindcore and frantic death metal on new wild release “Bon Shit Bon Genre”

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Grinding since 2011, with members of Warfuck, Hordur, Civilian Thrower, La Hess, and more, LOVGUN is fueled by the rage and insane art of vicious mixtures of hardcore and metal, rooted in the Leeds powerviolence scene and Czech grind scene. Mixing intensity of fastcore and the rage of punk at high speed, their new venomous offering is a wild ride that convulses, explodes and pummels you like a vicious bulldozer.

Oscillating between fastcore, grind and death metal, with it 20 frantic songs/12 minutes Bon Shit Bon Genre (literally “Fancy guys use good hash”) is all about surprises, absurdity and goudal’ vibes. Today, we’re thrilled to give you an early stream of the full thing, along with some more details and commentary from the band and their wicked animated video including 3 songs featured on the album.

The physical release will be available on 12″ vinyl classic black or marbeled yellow/red via Lixiviat Records, No Time Records, Loner Cult Records and Hecatombe Records.


“It was surprisingly quite easy to release as two lovgun’s members are in Lixiviat Records!” – comments the band. “Also the 3 other labels are friends. Pedro that we met while touring in spain, who’s actually king of the grinding part of Spain (yes we know a lot of different kings from all over the world). The Loner Cult fellows, that we already also knew from previous coproductions with lixiviat records, are one of the best punk label in europe. Last but no least Tommy from No Time Records who helps us a lot recently to promote european bands in the US (Probably a king too, if hewasn’t I would crown him instantly)”

LOVGUN is: Nico (drums), also playing guitars in Warfuck (grindcore), Commissaire (guitars), playing in Belladone (emoviolence) and La Hess (HxC) and Ugo (bass), playing drums in Hordur, Civilian Thrower, RAN, and playing bass in La Hess.

“10 years ago we began as roommates rehearsing in one of our bedroom with shitty electronic drums and lofi and bad amps.” – recalls the band. “Mainly drunk, we switched instruments for fun and kept it that way. First gigs were as a 4 pieces band, with balaclavas and mainly in squats, swiss squats !”

“Several splits/Eps later, that’s way better as a power trio with a bit more of control of the instrument but with as much haste as ever.”

Asked about the recording process, they continue: “We recorded with a brand new punk recording service soberly named “shit in records”. It includes our guitarist player and a good new zealander friend (who’s also king of Alsace). They offer at cheap prices recording/mix/master for cheap price and their studio is also itinerant!”


“We had the chance to be able to use the biggest live recording room in Lyon (hype and trendy) but we were using it only after work hours, so we could use every piece of equipment we needed ! We were quite lucky to have all this working out together with astral alignment.”

“We also had access to a minifridge full of frozen disgusting food stored to make advertising pictures. (worst black forest cake and cheese puff pastry ever!)”

“About the LPs artwork, without any surprises, we asked our dedicate artist Hugo Charpentier. He’s an awesome painter/drawer who’s following us since the beginning, he did artworks for our first ep, split with Higgs Boson, visuals for both stickers and shirts and also the two last artworks for Warfuck’s Lps.”


“He was also doing some live paintings with us while touring in scandinavia back in 2013 spreading permanent paint to the crowd pretending to draw stuff while we were playing ”

Best live moment for the band

“It was a night in Marseille, we played in the venue we were supposed to play, but there was another Crust/Punk concert somewhere around. Black Code unfortunately couldn’t play, so we were asked to replace them. The same night ! Once we played, we just took our gear in our hands (helped by half of the crowd of the previous show) and walked across Marseille to finally get to the venue, a huge elementary school squatted at the moment. We played in a classroom, in front of drunk punks, super great moments. We learned a lot about Dinosaurs and letters of the alphabet.”


The most embarrassing moment for the band

“We had the chance to be invited at the Grind The Nazi Scum festival in Torgau, Germany. Wonderful place, great people. We were so happy to play this far, meet people with the same spirit as us, that we went a little bit too far regarding the drinking. I was high as a kite and decided to go back to my tent, in the VIP camping. No surprise I got the wrong tent, and the wrong camping. We heard sirens, and saw the German medic trying to get me up, I was heavy as a dead horse! I genuinely reassured the German officials that I was not a Zombie.”

“Ugo, who also had a great night on his side, got really alcohol sick the morning after, puking like 6 times just before getting on stage. We did not played well, and everyone was a bit embarassed to look at us after the mess we did the night before!”

Lastly, we asked the band to give us some more recommendations for extreme music and here are their picks:

Ona Snop – intermittent damnation

The Afternoon Gentlemen – S/T LP

Sheeva Yoga – Svět Ten Čert Vem

Horsebastard – giraffetermath

Con Artist – subservient


Higgs Boson – The Anthill Chronicles

Slavemaker – SINGLES TAPE 2018-2019

No Comment – Downsided

For more local extreme punk/metal violence, the band recommends grinding powerviolence bands: Whoresnation, Chiens, Lovve, Doomsisters, and d-beat punk hardcore acts: Deletar, Turquoise, Youth Avoiders, and Herse.

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