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EASTWOOD unleash a maelstrom of furious, blasting grindcore; share 12 bands for fans of blastbeats!

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EASTWOOD‘s debut “Antibiose” (out now via Lixiviat Records, No Times Records, Abekeit Records & Hackbeil Records) brings a solid dose of brutally balanced grindcore, death metal and powerviolence, aiming at a truly overwhelming, apocalyptic atmosphere. Consisting of 17 heavy, fast and furious shots, the album combines all the finest ingredients to form a crushing masterpiece. Today, we’re celebraing its release with the first hearing of the album, along with the band’s special rundown of 12 bands worth a check if you’re a fan of blastbeats!

For fans of: Discordance Axis, Gridlink, Wormrot, Six Brew Bantha. Eastwood are: André – Bass, Domi – Vocal (also in Zerbirst), Mak – Drums (also in WARFUCK), Simon – Guitar.

“It’s hard to believe that this record is finally released. It feels so surreal, but in a great way.” – comments the band.

“After releasing a couple of splits, we decided to go for a full length record next – that was in 2014. Obviously, we took our time for the songwriting. Rewriting songs, adding songs, replacing songs that ended up not fitting our vision of what the record should sound like.”

“It’s quite a step from our rough and simple grindpunk beginnings. Our songs got faster, but at the same time more diverse. They got catchier, but also more technical, detailed, and complex.

The songwriting process felt like we were really developping and finding our own sound, and we’re beyond happy with the result. We finally started recording in the summer of 2018, but for several reasons (including the replacement of our drummer and, obviously, the pandemic) it took us till late 2020 to complete them. And now here we are, almost seven years after we decided to make this record. Very surreal, but very satisfying, and we are so, so excited to finally share these songs with anyone who wants to hear them.”


12 other bands every lover of blastbeats should check out:


Hands down the best live band in the European grind scene in recent years. Before Warfuck, scientists believed that such a powerful and dynamic wall of sound could not be created by only two people. Their drummer Mak replaced our old drummer shortly before we recorded ANTIBIOSE, and we couldn’ be happier about that.


Crusty Metalpunx from Frankfurt. Their singer Sasi lent us her beautiful voice for a kickass guest performance on the song Lochfraß on ANTIBIOSE.

Lugubrious Children

Unfortunately no longer active, but in our opinion, they were the pinnacle of the famous Leeds fast music scene. Fast, but dynamic, chaotic but to the point. Their drummer Ben did the mix for ANTIBIOSE, and not only did he do an amazing job, he was also a great guy to work with.

1st Class Collapse

Rough and dirty grindcore/powerviolence with lots of blastbeats, but also lots of grooves. Their drummer Tim basically feels like the fifth member of Eastwood, and he also did all of the artwork for ANTIBIOSE.

Continued below…



Mad and chaotic powerviolence from Lyon. These three maniacs are some of our longest and dearest friends in the scene, and it was true lov at first sight. We’ve spent our unforgettable honeymoon on a two-week tour through Spain in 2016. Their bass player Ugo also did the animation for the video clip of the titel track of ANTIBIOSE.

Captain Caveman

Long time friends and split partners. Fast drums, gnarly bass, and the most insane vocalist in the world. We really love these guys, and they’re probably the band we’ve shared the stage with the most. And we hope we’ll do so again and again in the future.


Lightning fast Brazilian fastcore/thrashcore. Our first release was a split tape with them back in 2013, and their singer also designed our band logo.

Schwache Nerven

If you’re looking for a furious clash of powerviolence and German punk rock, look no further. Awesome music, awesome touring partners, and just awesome people in general. Our tour with them was the last time we played live before the pandemic…


Maybe the most “American” sounding powerviolence band from Germany, and you won’t find a better example of this sound on this side of the atlantic ocean. Very good live band, very nice and dedicated people. Would be really cool to do a split with them some time in the future. Who knows…


Three stoners from Saarbrooklyn playing very charming high speed punk. Notable for being even slower at writing new songs than us.


If you like old school powerviolence, and if you like partying hard, you’ll have lots of fun when you set up a show for ANF. You might later receive unintelligible drunk voice mail, but that’s usually just a sign of affection.


Not really an insider tip anymore, but if you’re into fast grindcore with some death metal thrown in and somehow still haven’t checked them out, please do yourself a favor and do so immediately. These guys are the legitimate heirs to the throne of Insect Warfare.

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